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Character overview
Derishen: L220/29 Solitus Martial Artist on Rimor
Dreadloch Damage AmplifierDreadloch Sniper's FriendViral Targeting Subunit
Stellar Martial Artist NanodeckObiTom's Nano CalculatorAquarius's Multitask Calculator
Dreadloch Shen SticksHadrulf's Viral Belt Component PlatformDreadloch Shen Sticks
Well Balanced Spirit Helper of LibraSafeguarded NCU Memory UnitSagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper
Capricorn's Reliable MemoryTaurus' Spirit of ReflectionInfused Viral Compiler
Smuggled Combat Merit Board BaseCosmic Guide of the PiscesCloak of the Reanimated Gladiator (5/5)
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of BrawnLiving Dragonflesh Body ArmorImbued Globe of Clarity
Combined Mercenary's SleevesCombined Mercenary's GlovesCombined Mercenary's Sleeves
Perfected Infused Dust Brigade BracerPenultimate Ofab Martial Artist PantsBracelet of Arul Saba (Searing Desert - 5/5 - Left)
De'Valos Protection RingEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible BootsEngelen's Ring of Damage
Alert Ocular Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanAlert Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AbanEffective Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Excited Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanConscious Chest Symbiant, Support Unit AbanCognizant Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban
Conscious Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanConscious Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanFist of the Dominator
Conscious Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanCognizant Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Refined Shiny
 Conscious Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban 
Perk actions
Absolute Fist Attack Ligaments Balance of Yin and Yang Bore
Chi Conductor Crave Dance of Fools Debilitating Strike
Disrupt Ki Dragonfire Evasive Stance Flesh Quiver
Harmonize Body and Mind Healing Meditation Incapacitate Limber
Medicinal Remedy Moonmist Obliterate Red Dawn
Red Dusk Self Reconstruction Smashing Fist Stinging Fist
Strengthen Ki Strengthen Spirit Tremor Hand
Projectile AC8094
Melee AC8158
Energy AC7733
Chemical AC7950
Radiation AC8155
Cold AC7778
Poison AC7752
Fire AC7703

Body development300
Nano pool215
Max health7434
Max nano4054

Belt decks6
NCU memory652
Nano cost modifier-13
Experience modifier11
Weapon range25
Critical chance33
Offense modifier255
Defense modifier931

Martial arts1010
1h Blunt467
1h Edged467
2h Edged364
2h Blunt310
Melee energy105
Fast attack389
Sneak attack396
Multi melee269

Aimed shot158
Bow special attack136
Multi ranged30
Sharp objects270
Heavy weapons180

Melee init-132
Ranged init-125
Physical init-4
Nano init972
Duck explosives591
Dodge ranged556
Evade close640
Run speed435
Nano resist1057

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering80
Quantum physics144
Weapon smithing188
Computer literacy267

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis303
Biological metamorphosis421
Psychological modifications362
Matter creation315
Time and space359
Sensory improvement462
First aid215

Trap disarming53

Vehicle ground80

Projectile damage modifier417
Melee damage modifier462
Energy damage modifier457
Chemical damage modifier475
Radiation damage modifier437
Cold damage modifier437
Fire damage modifier597
Poison damage modifier455

Reflect fire damage1
Maximum fire reflect10

Shield projectile damage9
Shield melee damage13
Shield energy damage9
Shield chemical damage13
Shield radiation damage9
Shield cold damage13
Shield fire damage9
Shield poison damage13

Heal delta93
Nano delta34
Nano interrupt chance7
Critical decrease82
Heal modifier4

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Dreadloch Damage Amplifier (QL250)
Hud 2Dreadloch Sniper's Friend (QL250)
Hud 3Viral Targeting Subunit (QL300)
Utils 1Stellar Martial Artist Nanodeck (QL1)
Utils 2ObiTom's Nano Calculator (QL250)
Utils 3Aquarius's Multitask Calculator (QL250)
Right handDreadloch Shen Sticks (QL300)
BeltHadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform (QL300)
Left handDreadloch Shen Sticks (QL300)
Deck 1Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra (QL250)
Deck 2Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 3Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper (QL250)
Deck 4Capricorn's Reliable Memory (QL250)
Deck 5Taurus' Spirit of Reflection (QL250)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckSmuggled Combat Merit Board Base (QL1)
HeadCosmic Guide of the Pisces (QL250)
BackCloak of the Reanimated Gladiator (5/5) (QL100)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn (QL1)
BodyLiving Dragonflesh Body Armor (QL100)
Left shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
Right armCombined Mercenary's Sleeves (QL300)
HandsCombined Mercenary's Gloves (QL300)
Left armCombined Mercenary's Sleeves (QL300)
Right wristPerfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer (QL250)
LegsPenultimate Ofab Martial Artist Pants (QL300)
Left wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Searing Desert - 5/5 - Left) (QL200)
Right fingerDe'Valos Protection Ring (QL1)
FeetEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots (QL200)
Left fingerEngelen's Ring of Damage (QL300)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeAlert Ocular Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL280)
HeadAlert Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL280)
EarEffective Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL240)
Right armExcited Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL250)
BodyConscious Chest Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL290)
Left armCognizant Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL270)
Right wristConscious Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL290)
WaistConscious Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL290)
Left wristFist of the Dominator (QL1)
Right handConscious Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL290)
LegsCognizant Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL270)
Left handLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny (QL300)
FeetConscious Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL290)

Perks (EDIT)
XuyunLevel 10
ReflexLevel 10
Spiritual MasterLevel 10
NimbleLevel 10
Kung-Fu MasterLevel 5
MeditationLevel 10
IntuitionLevel 10
DisharmonyLevel 10
CognizanceLevel 10
EmpathyLevel 10
Champion of Light InfantryLevel 10
Careful in BattleLevel 10
AlacrityLevel 10
AcrobatLevel 4
Character (EDIT)
Name Derishen
Dimension Rimor
Level 220/29
Breed Solitus
Profession Martial Artist

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