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About this site

This is an unmaintained fan site for Anarchy Online, created by a former player of AO as a hobby. The site is not maintained anymore, but may still contain useful data for current and formers players of Anarchy Online. The site is not supported by the author of the site or by the creators of Anarchy Online in any way.


This site is completely free to use. There are no ads or trackers on the site.

Most of the functionality on this website can be used anonymously without registering. Registration is optional, allowing participation in the site forums and commenting on items in the item database. Registering also allows users to store their character and equipment profiles in the various tools provided by the site. Cookies are only used for maintainining a registered user's session. Cookies or other tokens are not used for tracking users.

The personal data collected consists of email address and real name of the user, used for identification purposes only. No personal or anonymous data is shared with third parties.

The previous, out of date, contents of the "About" page can be found below.

Table of contents

  1. About the site
  2. Linking to the site
  3. User accounts
  4. Forums
  5. Anarchy Online tools
    1. The Items Database
    2. The Characters Database
    3. The Land Control Status
    4. AOChat
  6. Technology
  7. About me
  8. Anything else

About the site

This is a fansite for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Anarchy Online, created by the Norwegian company Funcom. It is non-commercial and has been created from scratch by myself without assistance or information from Funcom.

The website was originally called just 'AntiGuardians', which was the name of the player organization I belonged to in AO. The url to the site was ''. Back then Isimazku was in charge of the layout, while me, Auno took care of all the technical stuff.

The first layout was rather crude, a mix of black and blue, and for obvious reasons it didn't last long. The next layout was greenish, and became quite familiar to many of the players in game, as the initial versions of the most popular tools on this website were created during that time.

The AO guild, AntiGuardians, started fading away though, and soon me and Rekkis were the only active people in there.. and we decided it was time to get into an active guild once again, and left AntiGuardians. As I was no longer in the AntiGuardians guild, and the whole guild was pretty much dead it wasn't really meaningful to call the website 'AntiGuardians' anymore.. and because I couldn't think of anything better, I just went ahead and registered, eventually ditching the old template system altogether in favour of a more usable '' one.

Linking to the site

You can freely link to my site from elsewhere.

Here's some crude buttons you can use to link to this site, but please don't use them directly from here, instead copy them to your site.

User accounts

Anyone can register an account on this website, free of charge or obligations. The registration happens instantly and the only thing required for it is an unique username and a password provided by the user. The registration form also includes real name and email address fields, but filling them is optional. They are only used when an user has forgotten their password, and would like to get the account back, if there is no information available about the owner of an account the chances of getting the password for it changed are pretty slim.

The passwords for accounts are not stored anywhere in plain text, they are stored in a md5-hashed format in the database.


The forums on this site are public and everyone can read them and make new threads or reply to other people's posts in them. When a registered user makes a post only his or her username for this site is shown, but for unregistered users the IP address of the poster is displayed.

Basically this means that if you want to remain anonymous, you should create an account with a name of your choice and use that when posting. Registering accounts is free and happens instantly, it also lets you use some of the more advanced features of the site, for example save your implant configurations in the Anarchy Online implant designer tool.

The rules and moderation of the forums are very light, I rarely remove or edit posts, but I reserve the right to do this, and may at my sole discretion remove posts and/or threads or block the either read or write access to them for users who misbehave.

The Items Database

The items database was acquired by dumping the Anarchy Online ResourceDatabase, which is stored clientside, in the cd_image/data/db directory under the Anarchy Online directory. The fact that an item appears in the item database does not mean that it is available in game. The loot tables for items are stored and handled server side, so no one can tell you for sure where an item drops, if it drops at all. I will not answer any email asking how to acquire an item. Use the forums for that.

The database is extracted by tools written by me. The tools are also available for anyone to use, modify and copy under the GNU General Public License. There is some discussion about various AO database related tools at the HackersQuest Forums.

I must extend my thanks to MKaath for exchanging ideas about the database and it's details, and to Slicer for being the first one to put an items database online and providing good reference material for the rest of us.

The Characters Database

The characters database is acquired by crawling through the People of Rubi-Ka pages at the official Anarchy Online website. The database includes all guilded characters from Atlantean, Rimor and Die Neue Welt, but non-guilded characters will have to be added manually. You can do this by just searching for your character, and upon seeing the error message about character not found just clicking the relevant link.

The database is updated daily at around noon GMT. The data of guilded characters is updated always every day, but for the nonguilded ones the updates are done gradually, depending on the character's level and how often the data for the given character has changed lately. Thanks must be given to Filik ( for providing me the character data from the few months when I was not playing the game, and didn't care to update the character database myself.

The Land Control Status

The Land Control Status monitor gets it's data from the graphic maps of the area and controlled land that FunCom provides at the official web page. The information is extracted by inspecting the colors present at the locations of the land control identifier pins.

I also provide XML data about the land control status at .

The LC Monitor is offline at the moment, but I hope to revive it some time in the near future.


AOChat.php is a PHP class I wrote which can talk with the AO chat servers. It is not usable by end-users, it only provides a base and a tiny example for others to write their chat clients or robots.

Recently I also ported some parts of the code over to C and I was/am planning to write a complete AO Chat client C library, but that's quite incomplete, and low priority, at the moment.

As described on the page about it, it was based on a decompiled version of the official chat client, and Slicer's AO::Chat perl module. There's discussion about various AO Chat modules over at HackersQuest's Forums, which you should check if you're interested in making your own chat client or robot.


The website is backed by a PostgreSQL database. All the web stuff is written in PHP totalling at around 25k lines. The first version of the database parser was written in PHP as well, but it was rewritten in C++, for speed and flexibility in the end of 2002. The parser is not very fancy ;in fact you could say that it isn't even a parser, it just turns the binary item blobs into SQL that is then inserted in the PostgreSQL database, which is nowadays hosted by Aiven for PostgreSQL. The source code for my database parser is available here. The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Anything else

Email me. <>.

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