18.8.62 | Live servers: 18.8.62

Weapons Evaluator

Evaluator configuration
Configuration Attack modifier
Weapon type   Initiative
Profession Critical hit chance
Time (s) Target AC

Melee skills   Ranged skills   Damage types
1h Blunt Grenade Chemical AC
1h Edged Heavy weapons Cold AC
2h Blunt Pistol Energy AC
2h Edged Rifle Fire AC
Piercing Smg Melee AC
Melee energy Shotgun Poison AC
Sharp objects Assault rifle Projectile AC
Martial arts Ranged energy Radiation AC
Bow Fling shot

Brawl Burst
Fast attack Aimed shot
Sneak attack Full auto

  • Init affects both attack (600/sec) and recharge speeds (300/sec), neither can go below 1 second
  • Clip size is taken into account, 'attacktime+rechargetime/clip' is added to the time to execute a shot
  • The damage displayed will be that of a 10 second period unless otherwise configured
  • Only weapons from QL 150 to 399, and those tagged SPECIAL are considered
  • The skill values are only used to determine your attack rating, not what you can equip
  • Target's AC lowers damage by 1 point per 10 points of AC
  • Note that Aimed Shot is calculated with PvP rules (you can use it all the time)
    - if you don't want that, enter 0 as AS skill