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Item Database - Nano Crystal (The Great Explorer)

Nano Crystal (The Great Explorer) Icon #42451 Nano Crystal - Increases the Adventuring skill of the Adventurer by 350 points.
Flags Visible, Tell Collision, Has Energy, No Drop
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 17.5
Change QL:
Value 1248701
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 775 and
User Sensory improvement >= 775 and
User Profession == Adventurer
On Use User Upload The Great Explorer  
Marsmensch @ 2007-09-03 23:25
this is really adv luv.... :(
Maelwenn @ 2007-09-04 19:48
Where ?
Yakobo66 @ 2007-10-31 13:40
not in game yet, such a huge boost O.o
Pung @ 2007-11-11 01:55
Jupp, as good as 350 in swimming, nerf advs!
Yakobo66 @ 2007-11-15 15:48
wtb 350 swimming... >.<
Courtdog @ 2007-11-23 14:32
So, I guess if you reset your adventuring skill, to save ip, this nano has a purpose?
cast great explorer, then cast maps, then deactivate great explorer...
Just realized they better not be making something that requires advies to have high adventuring skill.
Kraplatch @ 2007-12-02 01:02
It will allow the advy to use top geyser in SL without spending too much IP. Useful in places like Albatraum if you are pulling mobs to back area.
Gridpain @ 2007-12-12 14:39
Quest reward from Corporal Ashley Winstead at Hole In the Wall Bronto Burger
Jihla @ 2007-12-12 21:38
I wonder: How many froobs will find this nano useful?
wintypes @ 2007-12-14 12:03
got mine! WTB mochams, froobs cannot cast this without gimping their implant scheme towards PS/SI (and thus dropping more important clusters of BM)
Joxer @ 2007-12-25 07:43
43 ncu? come the F*** on, i've got 350ncu of self buffs as is!
Blaumann @ 2008-02-05 13:59
How long do you expect this nano to run in your NCU? Longer as it takes to cast a high SL map or to place a mobile BBQ? You run this, cast the map / bbq und cancel it.
nemasis @ 2008-03-23 20:00
its crap it a mid lvl nano that really is at best mildly usfull at higher lvl, all the other proffs got really cool and usfull nanos and whats with the 43 ncu
houserocker @ 2008-03-26 03:29
Dunno, let's you cast inf map at low levels with very little IP in adventuring, and the 100 NR from that surely is useful.
Zinrax @ 2008-04-13 11:40
This is in the same nanoline as the SL maps Psionic, So if i cast this.. then KoTE this is overwritten by the pande map?
Hafenbraut @ 2008-04-27 09:05
@Zinrax: Psionic is a School, not a Line.
I should not be overwritten, since all the map buffs in this line stack as well.
Mohamed @ 2008-05-14 23:26
The ncu cost is exagerated, this nano wouldn't be overpowered even at 1 ncu
Pung @ 2008-06-15 00:34
Its crap, but better than nothing(or is it, maybe FC now thinks they have actually given us something)
With this, I can do inf map without useing single ip in adv. Kote is for lowbies.
Ryanfonte @ 2008-07-19 04:01
with this, i cast kote. no other uses
Xxxfatal @ 2009-04-08 17:27
oh great!!! finaly that adventuring buff we allways wanted!!! -.-
zendadaist @ 2015-02-09 13:40
It gives NR now as well...
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