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Item Database - The Great Explorer

The Great Explorer Icon #295518 Increases the Adventuring skill of the Adventurer by 350 points and the Nano Resistance skill by 142.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 17.5 18.8.53
QL 165
Crystal Nano Crystal (The Great Explorer)
NCU 43
Nanocost 100
School Psionic: Nano resist buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 295514
Stacking order 142
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 775 and
User Sensory improvement >= 775 and
User Profession == Adventurer
On Use User Modify Adventuring 350  
User Modify Nano resist 142  
Marsmensch @ 2007-09-03 23:25
this is really adv luv.... :(
Maelwenn @ 2007-09-04 19:48
Where ?
Yakobo66 @ 2007-10-31 13:40
not in game yet, such a huge boost O.o
Pung @ 2007-11-11 01:55
Jupp, as good as 350 in swimming, nerf advs!
Yakobo66 @ 2007-11-15 15:48
wtb 350 swimming... >.<
Courtdog @ 2007-11-23 14:32
So, I guess if you reset your adventuring skill, to save ip, this nano has a purpose?
cast great explorer, then cast maps, then deactivate great explorer...
Just realized they better not be making something that requires advies to have high adventuring skill.
Kraplatch @ 2007-12-02 01:02
It will allow the advy to use top geyser in SL without spending too much IP. Useful in places like Albatraum if you are pulling mobs to back area.
Gridpain @ 2007-12-12 14:39
Quest reward from Corporal Ashley Winstead at Hole In the Wall Bronto Burger
Jihla @ 2007-12-12 21:38
I wonder: How many froobs will find this nano useful?
wintypes @ 2007-12-14 12:03
got mine! WTB mochams, froobs cannot cast this without gimping their implant scheme towards PS/SI (and thus dropping more important clusters of BM)
Joxer @ 2007-12-25 07:43
43 ncu? come the F*** on, i've got 350ncu of self buffs as is!
Blaumann @ 2008-02-05 13:59
How long do you expect this nano to run in your NCU? Longer as it takes to cast a high SL map or to place a mobile BBQ? You run this, cast the map / bbq und cancel it.
nemasis @ 2008-03-23 20:00
its crap it a mid lvl nano that really is at best mildly usfull at higher lvl, all the other proffs got really cool and usfull nanos and whats with the 43 ncu
houserocker @ 2008-03-26 03:29
Dunno, let's you cast inf map at low levels with very little IP in adventuring, and the 100 NR from that surely is useful.
Zinrax @ 2008-04-13 11:40
This is in the same nanoline as the SL maps Psionic, So if i cast this.. then KoTE this is overwritten by the pande map?
Hafenbraut @ 2008-04-27 09:05
@Zinrax: Psionic is a School, not a Line.
I should not be overwritten, since all the map buffs in this line stack as well.
Mohamed @ 2008-05-14 23:26
The ncu cost is exagerated, this nano wouldn't be overpowered even at 1 ncu
Pung @ 2008-06-15 00:34
Its crap, but better than nothing(or is it, maybe FC now thinks they have actually given us something)
With this, I can do inf map without useing single ip in adv. Kote is for lowbies.
Ryanfonte @ 2008-07-19 04:01
with this, i cast kote. no other uses
Xxxfatal @ 2009-04-08 17:27
oh great!!! finaly that adventuring buff we allways wanted!!! -.-
zendadaist @ 2015-02-09 13:40
It gives NR now as well...
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