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Item Database - Izgimmer's Double

Izgimmer's Double Icon #45190 The target will be hit twice for 3000 - 5500 points of radiation damage each hit. This nano will pierce any reflect shields that the enemy has active.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override
Patch 17.0 18.8.53
QL 220
Crystal Nano Crystal (NT: Izgimmer's Double)
NCU 220
Nanocost 1883
School Combat: Nano-technician DOT line B
Duration 2.5 seconds
Attack time 5s (capped at 1s)
Recharge time 2s
Range 35 m
Effect icon Icon 291174
Stacking order 220
Defense skills
Nano resist 90 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 100 %
To Use User Expansion sets & Lost Eden and
User Profession == Nano-Technician and
User Matter creation >= 2240 and
User Level >= 220 and
User Cyberdeck & Izgimmer modified and
User Defensive Focus not running
On Use Target Hit Health Radiation -3000 .. -5500  2 hits, 1.75s delay
Target Cast Pierce Reflect  
User Cast Offensive Focus  
Shadow.ik @ 2006-12-14 19:40
DragonShade @ 2006-12-17 07:15
Yep, the 4 second recharge kills it, if it was 2 seconds, like the cyber deck nukes, it might be useful... :-/
Or insta-cast, so you could kite people with it. :D
Engelen @ 2007-01-06 09:23
No need for full agg to cast this.. So it's a huge improvement.
Venderim @ 2007-01-23 06:16
@ Dragonshade....I seriously hope you are being sarcastic, 4sec recharge makes this useless? wtf are you smoking, and whatever it is pass it to me next :p Seriously this nano and Izzy's triple is a killer, 6000-11500 damage in 5seconds that goes right through reflects, thats very very good.
Maelwenn @ 2007-12-09 22:48
8k vp
3v3rL4sT @ 2007-12-19 12:01
well they need to nerf it so each of 2-3 hits from double/tripple cant do more then 15/10% of target hp cause (and im not whinning) these nanos need a serious nerf
3v3rL4sT @ 2007-12-19 12:02
or raise the NR check because i cant resist this not even with 3.2k nr wich totaly sucks
Jedrox @ 2007-12-23 03:22
Its not 4sec recharge, unless the exact nano's recharge is capped to 4sec... NanoC. Inits DO affect recharge too, I've tested it, even with like 800 NanoC inits my MP's nano has like 4.5sec recharge (in default), but in game its like 2 sec (MAX)... And 220 NTs have way more nanoc init than 800 (not saying NTs will get insta recharge..).
Jedrox @ 2007-12-23 03:23 MP's nano has like 4sec recharge (in default), but in game its like 2.5 sec (MAX).** *4 and 2.5 i meant*
Boaal @ 2008-01-07 00:05
Nano init does NOT affect recharge. It only, ever, affects cast time.
Warpj00 @ 2008-02-12 18:25
you were recharging in 2.5s instead of 4 b/c you were full agg
Hafenbraut @ 2008-04-27 08:43
agg/def doesnt affect recharge time either (unlike it used to years ago).
Its 4s no matter what.
alpha320 @ 2009-02-07 07:00
NT pvp Skills ftw :P
Binarybot @ 2009-02-18 01:58
Has a higher max damage than Enfraams Double. That, and in pvp, this one only does 166 min damage less due to pvp damage being halved.
houserocker @ 2018-02-05 15:44
As of 18.8.3 this nano and the other doubles no longer do instant damage but instead are essentially short DoTs. Unfortunately for NTs, this means %Nanodamage and +Damage no longer affect it, making the tactical nukes that replaced triples do significantly more damage than the doubles. Add to that the fact that the tactical nukes have no cast cap and shorter recharge as well, and these look like piles of puke :(
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