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Item Database - Defensive Focus

Defensive Focus Icon #39193 You have recently used powerful defensive formulae. Your NCU has been focused on defensive libraries, and will not be able to execute certain offensive formulae.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano, Want Collision, Has Sent First IIR
Patch 17.0 17.7 18.8.53
NCU 999
Nanocost 1
School Protection
Duration 2 minutes
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 39671
nanochicken @ 2007-01-27 03:25
what can't you cast when this sucker is running?
zerogates @ 2007-01-28 02:17
look at the patch, probly means you can't use the new LE nanos with this going.
Scoville @ 2007-02-06 06:28
Yes, there's some new (Lost Eden release) nukes that pierce reflect shields and hit up to 3 times.
They turn on Offensive Focus for 30 minutes and can't be cast with Defensive Focus running.
The only things (as of 17.0) that turn on Defensive Focus are Nullity Spheres.

Scoville @ 2007-02-06 06:35
Hm. Two NTs attack each other, the one who goes defensive loses? He puts up NS and it does him no good because the other guy was casting a shield-piercing nuke in the meantime. I have no NTs past 50ish...
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-07-19 14:49
Here's a hint: if you're fighting another NT (not like there's a lot of them running around in battles), DON'T CAS'T NULLITY SPHERE :p
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