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Item Database - Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus

Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus Icon #295521 This nano program sets up a series of overlapping sonic effects around the bureaucrat. Operating at a frequency much lower than is audible, these sonic effects synchronize every 20 seconds; the bureaucrat's pets and team members will receive a temporary mood-enhancing effect. This mood-enhancing effect increases the chance to score a critical hit.
Flags Buff Nano
Patch 13.6 14.7.1 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.5 18.8.53
QL 156
Crystal Nano Crystal (Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus)
NCU 48
Nanocost 640
School Psionic: Bureaucrat protection speeches
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 6s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 295522
Stacking order 1148
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 728 and
User Sensory improvement >= 728 and
User Time and space >= 656 and
User Profession == Bureaucrat
On Use Team Cast Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus  720 hits, 20s delay
Team Cast Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus  
zyx22 @ 2005-03-03 22:42
+7% crit
Azzy @ 2005-11-28 05:09
don't stack with mop
Tarradax @ 2006-04-09 01:14
For those cold lonely night when a MA is just not available, this is a not too bad replacement.
nimarq @ 2006-10-11 21:36
Off/def aura is better tho
zeyre @ 2007-09-05 12:24
don't stack with mop

I would rather have a Crat in a team than an MA in almost any circumstances. The AAO/AAD one is better though.
Ciekafsky @ 2007-10-12 09:25
This one is great for soloing high ql statics/missions. Pets do much better dmg with this crit mod.
Azzy @ 2008-01-16 03:31
Uber for soloing green/yellow mobs
uber on zerg raids too
got 55% crit rate and top dd on tara using this
hasufel @ 2008-02-14 05:59
I wonder how it affects your dmg at tara compared to others. Everyone can get mop and this aura is aoe. So basicly everyone from your side who is in range gets the buff (including pets).

Anyway - great buff.
Saetos @ 2011-07-22 15:11
Wrong - a very important factor seperates MOP from Assassin's Focus: your pets and other players' pets.

Give all pets in the area 7% crit as long as they stick close by, and watch their damage spike. :)
Saetos @ 2011-07-22 15:12
And I was wrong for assuming you were wrong. Woops. Still, awesome little nano with a niche use.
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