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Item Database - Decrepitude

Decrepitude Icon #39098 Slows down the attacking speed of the target by lowering initiatives by 2,569 points. This also decreases the amount of damage inflicted each hit by 8 points.
Flags Can Be Template Item, Turn On Use, Has Multiple Count, Open Flag, Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 13.2 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.5
QL 172
Crystal Shattered Nano Crystal
NCU 53
Nanocost 376
School Space: Init debuffs
Duration 2 minutes, 19 seconds
Attack time 4s
Recharge time 2.5s
Range 20 m
Chance of break on attack 22
Chance of break on debuff 42
Chance of break on nano 42
Effect icon Icon 39597
Stacking order 195
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
Psychological modifications 50 %
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 792 and
User Psychological modifications >= 792 and
User Visual profession == Doctor
On Use Target Modify Projectile damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Melee damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Energy damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Chemical damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Radiation damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Cold damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Fire damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Poison damage modifier -8  
Target Modify Melee init -2569  
Target Modify Ranged init -2569  
Target Modify Physical init -2569  
Target Modify Nano init -2569  
Target Taunt 740  
Georg @ 2003-01-01 07:38
Breakable, tho still fun to play around with;p
Crashlight @ 2004-06-22 21:22
Good for MP's Heal+Mezz Petz :D
Nikkoli @ 2004-10-21 21:18
As posted before, this is one of the "breakable" debuffs. Really only usefull for adds as a ghetto calm.
Keex @ 2004-11-05 17:00
or for soloing agents in need of recasting mimic :)
greyze @ 2005-02-01 14:05
im quite new to these debuffs dos anyone know how people can break out of this nano?
skybert @ 2005-03-26 00:34
they have a % to break when someone does damage to you, if I understand it right.
Tchaalina @ 2005-04-14 15:05
Great nano for crippling adds; just make sure not to wear any symbs/imps with shield/reflect properties.
Zadey @ 2005-04-28 06:48
how do ya know which of these things can be broken or not? one of the reasons i havent gotten any on my widdle doc yet
Stehn @ 2005-04-28 19:38
check aodb- it flags them breakonattack
Skarmory @ 2005-10-31 19:27
I find the breakable ones useful for blitzing, as a makeshift calm.
tweek @ 2006-01-18 23:49
uber for pvp against pet classes kicks mp ass
shinracorp @ 2006-01-20 03:25
good idea, ill have to try. then, maybe i wont :p
Tyrade @ 2006-03-24 05:51
Do these breakables become broken if you use your DoTs and Nukes on the debuffed mob?
Exarius @ 2006-04-22 18:22
no tyrade
chriss96 @ 2006-05-05 11:03
Chance of break on attack 22
Chance of break on debuff 42
Chance of break on nano 42
Xsonic @ 2006-06-15 04:20
i got to get one to stop adds.. good idea.
Ginsumaster @ 2006-09-11 21:20
Best add containment ever if you're soloing. Mobs hit you once about every six weeks while this is running... haha
bartje @ 2006-10-22 18:40
buttmuffin @ 2007-07-08 18:50
yes actually dots would break, its a nano and im not sure but the ticks of the dot might count as a hit also, will have to test
Mohamed @ 2007-10-08 00:55
One thing that that would be good to know, if it breaks on dmg shield's
Azzy @ 2008-01-14 18:26
yes it brakes on dmg and reflect shields
Soulevil @ 2008-03-30 12:01
lands on ely hecks.
Dollcet @ 2008-09-17 06:37
Usefull in certain Situations if your Doc does not use Leg and Left-Wrist Symbs or Reflect-Grafts , solo in IS or Duels with Engie makes Widowmakes and Mechdog noticable lamer .
copperneedle @ 2009-02-02 05:41
Reflects/ Dmg shields make -half- this nanoline utterly pointless. Why make symbiants that negate some of our nanos?
Daundweg @ 2009-06-17 18:36
Did you just ask for a "reason" on one of FC inventions? har har
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