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Item Database - Rapid Palsy

Rapid Palsy Icon #39098 Slows down the attacking speed of the target by lowering initiatives by 1,165 points. This also decreases the amount of damage inflicted each hit by 16 points.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 13.2 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.5
QL 159
Crystal Shattered Nano Crystal
NCU 49
Nanocost 347
School Space: Init debuffs
Duration 2 minutes, 8 seconds
Attack time 5s
Recharge time 3s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 39597
Stacking order 190
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
Psychological modifications 50 %
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 740 and
User Psychological modifications >= 740 and
User Visual profession == Doctor
On Use Target Modify Projectile damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Melee damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Energy damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Chemical damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Radiation damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Cold damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Fire damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Poison damage modifier -16  
Target Modify Melee init -1165  
Target Modify Ranged init -1165  
Target Modify Physical init -1165  
Target Modify Nano init -1165  
Target Taunt 557  
Nikkoli @ 2004-10-21 21:21
This is one of the "unbreakable" debuffs. This is the kind you want to be casting on the main target.
shinracorp @ 2006-01-20 03:31
best friend at lower lvls. get this one asap. should be a mainstay of ur doc arsenal.
Faynt @ 2006-03-29 21:40
erm, am i the only one who has extreme difficulty in rolling this nano?
Xsonic @ 2006-04-02 10:32
if u cant roll the nano atm,. try 1 hour later.
copperneedle @ 2008-01-07 06:26
+3 hrs rolling for this, ~670k in pulling mishes and still no hit. Only x2 in GMS 14m and 15m on the price.

That would suggest to me this is not rollable, not to mention nobody above gave a yes or no answer...
"if u cant roll the nano atm,. try 1 hour later." sarcasm?

Anyone care to say if this is actually rollable?
Benylin @ 2008-04-07 04:35
Rolled it on a lvl 166 mission search as the reward item.
Feanaro @ 2011-11-01 20:19
Its breakable debuff
Feanaro @ 2011-11-01 20:39
@Feanaro me wrong, sorry
Vladja @ 2018-07-23 12:12
This nano is no longer rollable, but instead bought with VP's. It's not nodrop, so froobs can still use it.
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