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Item Database - Battlefield Endurance

Battlefield Endurance Icon #100998 Increases the maximum health of the target by 405 points. This also has a minor beneficial effect on the target's natural rate of regeneration.
Flags Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 18.8.53
QL 152
Crystal Nano Crystal (Battlefield Endurance)
NCU 47
Nanocost 581
School Healing: Enforcer and soldier health buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3.35s
Recharge time 5.42s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 16757
Stacking order 47
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 53 %
Matter creation 47 %
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 730 and
User Matter creation >= 651 and
User Visual profession == Soldier
On Use Target Modify Max health 405  
Target Modify Heal delta 3  
Ballazdead @ 2004-02-27 15:24
Note to self....this nano is suppose to be the highest one, how come The Titan Psyhic is better than this? this actually adds less HP then the other ones..
Supatrue @ 2004-04-28 15:47
Hrmm, this adds x2 the hp then titan physique.
alphia @ 2004-05-13 08:30
it did not use to, they changed it to 405... :)
evilprince78 @ 2004-07-09 16:51
where do you find this?
Talan @ 2004-12-21 08:47
zarim @ 2005-01-05 20:46
does someone use this??? lol
Sentex @ 2005-01-13 07:50
now you should
olezero @ 2005-02-20 15:10
lol 405 hp is like half an heckler hit... so.. not worth the BM skill
scorpik @ 2005-02-22 18:53
It isnt worth spending IP om BM as a soldier when you can always ask a nice fat trox for a behe ;P
evilprince78 @ 2005-02-22 18:55
bottom line is are you going to go look for a enforcer when there is not one in sight and leave your team waiting on you while you run around B.F.E. to find one?? Hey it's extra HP maybe not much but it's something. I use it all the time when I can't find a enforcer!
Filijokkus @ 2005-04-15 15:49
At 220 with a good setup and Moochies you can actually cast this without spending ip. Food for thought when rolling a new sol. (Means you have to sacrifice OMHH early on unless you wanna spend an ipr).
Talan @ 2005-05-31 05:20
If the improved version was in game, you'd see people begging for it over behe ;) +60 heal delta uber! want! then it would be worth the bm.
NeoMartial @ 2005-06-08 22:48
hehe enf can buff much more
Methhh @ 2005-07-09 05:20
yeah..... soldier HP buffs are a huge waste of IP into BM
olezero @ 2005-07-23 08:38
soldiers have big IP issues, atleast i still havent started storing IP at 172 on my soldier, while at my keeper i had maxed everything at 160ish. DONT use this stupid nano. My 5 cents
lucaspweb @ 2005-08-09 15:37
omg! FC really hates soldiers.. i mean this nano SUCKS!!!
Mannystk @ 2005-08-18 00:28
+3 Heal Delta ? The General Friggin Regenertaion does that..and thats not use :p
ZeroS @ 2005-08-18 19:28
Soo what, If you get Doc and enf buff you will like have 8k hp at 185.. 190..
ZeroS @ 2005-08-18 19:28
Pluss get a frigging imp that have heal delta then if it is soo low
Keex @ 2005-09-11 01:13
you have more hp at that level @zeroS
habe 9.6k unbuffed, even with only 400 tokenboard. (yeah yeah..i know ;D)
at level 187.
wilbemine1 @ 2005-11-02 20:31
7k HP self buffed with Tough As Nails with 250 token board T1 and some lvl 130 symbiants

Ql 129 soldier /tell wilbemine RK2
Xevil @ 2005-11-20 11:10
What a waste of IP for low lvl soldier
Shojumaru @ 2005-12-06 14:21
Putting lots of IP into BM early on is a waste... Just put enough to cast OMHH, and wait until you get spare IP to cast this.
Methhh @ 2006-01-18 18:45
complete garbage an nearly any level since it doesnt stack with behe
Russm @ 2006-01-25 05:47
the improved version of this nano pwns (+60 heal delta), too bad its not ingame yet.
Awaren @ 2006-03-24 06:16
This is so usless... we need SL/AI new Nanos like other proffesions got!
Xsonic @ 2006-05-13 11:34
Behe plz
mosnami @ 2006-05-17 05:20
Not to whine soldier suppose to be 'ranged-dmg dealer' and yet I see they have the worst nanos in the game. (and equipment too).
Xsonic @ 2006-05-22 05:06
bah make a froob enfo and cast behe on your sol xD
Venderim @ 2006-07-24 02:37
Mosnami....Soldiers have the worst nanos and equipment ingame? I assume you are being sarcastic coz TMS/AMS is one of the best nanos in the game and SPB or JPGPP/KMP are some of the best weapons ingame.......
mosnami @ 2006-08-01 15:57
*Mosnami....Soldiers have the...*
Right that's before I start to pay. But still the choice of uber sol. weapon is still rare.
Awaren @ 2006-10-17 23:55
405... pathetic
Venderim @ 2006-12-27 05:13
Yeah these HP buffs are pretty lame, I've heard a rumor that FC were meant to improve our hp buff nanos to include much higher healdelta buffs, like +60 healdelta for the top one.....I think that would be cool, enfs have the high hp buffs and soldiers get high healdelta buffs :)
vlada @ 2007-02-10 16:39
cancels behe,pretty lame ass thing to do but nice vs twinks that have some extra ncu :P
Yakobo66 @ 2007-06-07 22:01
if fc brought out the improved one then docs would be out of a job... if it was 20-30 hp delta wouldnt be bad :)
Xai @ 2007-07-08 14:42
With 2 sec heal delta, the +3 delta from this will heal 90 HP a minute if you were damaged for the whole minute... and then if you started a duel/fight (no behe was avaliable) and had your HP fully healed, the +405 HP will just act as a simple 405 heal for that may have to take away from the extra damage you would take from 30% hits during that fight...30% of 405 is 121.5....say a soldier would take 2 30% hits in one minute.. = 243 HP taken from the 405 due to the increase in the 30% cap... so... if a Soldier rests exactly every minute and restores his HP to full and gets damaged again on that same second (will never happen but for exact circumstances) this nano will be healing him 252 per minute.... In PvM it's simpler to work out: 90+405 = 495 per minute under the above circumstances... pretty shithouse I think...

Definately wouldn't recommend aiming your setup to be casting this... And protest against people *raising* BM to cast it...
Xai @ 2007-07-08 14:48
Oh and also, comparing to Behe: The 996 HP gain means a +298.8 increase in your 30% cap... 2 30% caps a minute means the advantage you'd get healing-wise from behe is 398.4 per minute ... Also the +27 Str/Sta will mean like +7/8 in BD but cbf calculating'd mean about +10-20 more HPM under the circumstances mentioned in my above comment.. also it would mean about +5/6 in AR...

Behe > This, obviously... If there is no enfo available or you are under no OSB conditions and can cast this without any effort due to high symbs...then by all means use this...
Zuka @ 2007-12-07 10:10
Total Combat Survival is looking good. Maybe there is finally a use for this line heh.
aocat @ 2011-08-10 09:59
For 150 s10/pvp sold..... Yes or No ? Cannot decide if the 400 hp is REALLY worth it
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