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Item Database - Hardcore CPU Upgrade

Hardcore CPU Upgrade Icon #119138 This Additional Computing Resource installs easily in your right-bottom-most NCU upgrade platform slot, and will reduce the cost of running Nano Programs. NOTE: You need to have a NCU Deck Slot available to equip it... (The number of usable slots is decided by your NCU component belt...)
Flags Visible, Modified Description
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 11.0 11.4 12.8 14.2.1
Change QL:
Type Utility
Slot Deck 5
Value 1500000
Equip time 10s
Mass 0.05kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 601
On Equip User Modify Nano cost modifier -15  
zyx21 @ 2005-01-24 07:22
A must for any prof :D
jobey @ 2005-03-13 17:06
along with QL 200 coolant sink and QL 300 viral compiler. free movement while casting a composite for 85% of the cost in half the time? buahaha!
donger @ 2005-09-23 00:02
ql 300 viral compiler adds 650 nano c init meaning u cast nanos insanely faster, coolant sink at ql 200 means you can run while casting nanos and the hardcore cpu enables you to reduce 15% of nanopoints needed to cast the nano stated on the description, add that with an NTs nano cost reducer and you're a nano casting machine =D
pkv @ 2005-10-12 14:31
not a must for everyone... The shades and keepers are gemps so they dont need it O.o
Evelyna @ 2005-10-17 13:23
Pretty nice for False Profession as agent. =)
angryphase @ 2005-11-21 17:17
A must as mimic doc, at least before zod loot NCU chips and other reducing items (GPH etc). I'd stick this on a keeper so you don't have to hug a Treatment Clinic to buff.
Wakizaka @ 2006-01-17 10:57
Good to hear that I'm not the only keeper who hugs Treatment Clinics when I buff
Stillian @ 2006-05-01 20:44
Remember, there is an effictive cap on -Nanocost for breeds. 45% for Atrox, 50% for Solitus and Opifex, 55% for Nanomage. You can twink it with items up to 100% if you want, but those are the caps.
Wizardi @ 2006-06-27 09:48
Getting it up to much over the caps would most often require gimping some other aspect(s) of the character though
Stimpack @ 2006-11-09 15:26
CptSlapAHoe @ 2006-12-24 01:20
personally i use this when casting comps and auras on my keeper...has helped me very much since he was a damned trox.
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-02-02 02:36
*Coolant sink at ql 200 does NOT mean you can run while casting nanos. Don't know where that rumor started.

Also in a recent patch you can't walk while casting nanos either (not that most people did..),
Realuragon @ 2007-02-20 20:48
You still can walk while casting. The client gives you the message that nano casting has been aborted, but if you just keep walking and don't do any things that canceled the casting previously like turning around, you will eventually get the "nano program executed" message.
Jihla @ 2007-03-22 17:56
A CPU upgrade on a shade could actually be usefull, since some shade buffs cost alot of nano, and who wants to spend IP in nano pool as a shade? =)
junkerman @ 2007-03-25 09:37 can no longer cast while running...? or is it still achiveable? because i have never kited myself at all, but would like to on my NT. (omgah, a kiting NT? oh noes!) :\
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-05-01 22:25
NTs /never/ cast while running. It just looks like they do because they stop faster than the server can update for other people's points of view. What they (and I) do is stop momentarily, and insta-cast something (like AOE spells, which aren't hard to insta-cast) before continuing.
Dancingrage @ 2007-05-09 23:54
Actually, since 17.3, turning (while remaining standing) no longer aborts nanoprograms, and walking works like it used to. For the kiters, you never cast while running, but have an instacast aoe nuke and stop JUST LONG ENOUGH to cast your nano, then start running again...observers won't notice the difference if you're fast enough.
buttmuffin @ 2007-05-19 08:36
just tested it and turning does not cancel casting, neither does walking but if you strafe while walking that will cancel
vladdrackul @ 2009-03-19 14:21
whats the lowest ql that can be found for this item?
Anarchangelx @ 2010-03-08 22:03
Rollable. -1 cost at 40, the lowest QL. Breakpoints every 11.5 QLs, starting at 46.
Pung @ 2011-04-10 17:41
This needs to be infused with 96 ncu.
Evenhb @ 2012-05-09 17:15
46, 57, 69, 80, 92, 103, 115, 126, 138, 149, 161, 172, 184, 195
Evenhb @ 2012-05-09 17:16
rolled ql 194 doh!
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