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Item Database - Total Mirror Shield Mk X

Total Mirror Shield Mk X Icon #101018 The Soldier's true friend in battle, a Total Mirror Shield deflects 75% of all damage away from the soldier. A small amount of this damage is deflected back onto the attacker. This formula cannot be executed on other people. It has the drawback of effectively shutting down your nano capabilities for 2 minutes.
Flags Default Target, Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 12.5 14.4.2 14.6 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 146
Crystal Nano Crystal (Total Mirror Shield Mk X)
NCU 45
Nanocost 1451
School Protection: Reflect shields
Duration 1 minute, 20 seconds
Attack time 0.25s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 39745
Stacking order 345
Attack skills
Matter creation 54 %
Time and space 46 %
To Use User Time and space >= 591 and
User Matter creation >= 696 and
User Visual profession == Soldier
On Use Self Modify Reflect projectile damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect melee damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect energy damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect chemical damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect radiation damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect cold damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect fire damage 75  
Self Modify Reflect poison damage 75  
Self Modify Maximum projectile reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum melee reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum energy reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum chemical reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum radiation reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum cold reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum fire reflect 136  
Self Modify Maximum poison reflect 136  
Self Cast Nano skills inoperative  
cripo @ 2004-05-30 03:14
dam, this is so good
only 40 seconds of vunerability
Mikex @ 2004-09-21 15:07
where to get this???????
estboy @ 2004-10-28 16:13
blitz i can guess..
Talan @ 2004-12-21 08:49
Mammoth @ 2005-03-18 02:59
Found it off Alien loot, accidently picked it up XD
RainFrost @ 2005-05-09 03:50
could give it to me... poor soldier on RK3 :)
Awaren @ 2005-07-30 23:45
It had a time of 1:46 not 1:20... FC nerfed us even more
triggerzer0 @ 2005-11-08 18:12
no, it didnt. I'ts allways lasted the same time. But FC made the recharge on the nano shorter, so you could use taunts. If anyhting, it was an *un*nerf
Ransom @ 2005-11-11 17:29
too bad soldier MOBS uses these too :D

kinda kewl when it lasts that long even on mobs :))
Manicmouse @ 2005-11-27 11:09
Found this while rolling on clicksaver, nice :)
Moniker @ 2005-12-12 01:01
Thank god they didn level lock tms's, I could BET you they would've locked this at like 190 or some crap.
Voriuste @ 2006-02-18 07:29
Agen..... erm, i mean Soldiers best friend... yes... Soldiers...... *starts sneaking and disappears*
furay @ 2006-03-13 16:26
must take a huge amount of time to cast under FP ^^
Awaren @ 2006-03-24 06:24
TMS MK X was 1 min 46 seconds before SL.
If you don't know the history shut up
Voriuste @ 2006-03-27 11:00
Furay, fp? yeah... not Mimic though ;) -750 nanoc init only... nf recompiler/etc is enough to get it over 0... when its its 0.25s... :) -200 would be 1.25s, etc, so not that bad at all... :)
Keex @ 2006-05-14 14:44
and only for agg/def <=50%. full agg reduces casttime by 1 sec
Xsonic @ 2006-05-27 02:44
FA and burst... steal some aggro.. then bam.. shield up
Painmaker2 @ 2006-09-28 21:55
Well i hope a agent can use it.. :D
will try:)
Gavyyn @ 2006-12-11 23:05
um maybe im blind but is there a mark 9 tms o.O?
Jedrox @ 2006-12-16 16:05
Nano Crystal (Total Mirror Shield Mk IX)?
Venderim @ 2006-12-27 05:17
Yes Gavyyn you are blind =P
Gavyyn @ 2007-02-21 18:05
oh im sry i guess the way i searched for it made it appear under mk4 or sumthing....STOP YELLING AT ME :(!!!!!
Laetista @ 2008-02-29 00:37
Rollable and not very rare. Well worth it for the long duration and quite low requirements.
Kilawatt @ 2008-06-15 23:49
Gav u dougnut heh, love this nano makes my soldier think he is a Rock star tho XD
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