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Item Database - Wings of the Phoenix

Wings of the Phoenix Icon #16221 Protects the target with a damage shield that inflicts a large amount of damage each time it is hit. This shield will also absorb the first 240 points of fire-based damage that would otherwise be inflicted upon the target. However, the damage absorbing mechanism used is known not to work well with other methods used for absorbing damage.
Flags Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 12.5 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 162
Crystal Nano Crystal (Wings of the Phoenix)
NCU 50
Nanocost 632
School Protection: Damage shields
Duration 1 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
Attack time 6.12s
Recharge time 3.02s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 16373
Stacking order 74
Attack skills
Matter metamorphosis 50 %
Matter creation 50 %
To Use User Matter metamorphosis >= 754 and
User Matter creation >= 754 and
User Visual profession == Adventurer
On Use Target Modify Shield projectile damage 84  
Target Modify Shield melee damage 84  
Target Modify Shield energy damage 84  
Target Modify Shield chemical damage 84  
Target Modify Shield radiation damage 84  
Target Modify Shield cold damage 84  
Target Modify Shield fire damage 84  
Target Modify Shield poison damage 84  
Target Change Absorb fire damage 240  
Madwillie @ 2006-01-25 15:59
i have one of these :D for sale, tho i dunno what they're worth
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