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Item Database - Brief Poison Fog

Brief Poison Fog Icon #45149 Creates a short-lived cloud of poison which inflicts 36-78 points of poison-based damage to all enemies in the area.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override
Patch 11.0 13.8 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 24
Crystal Nano Crystal (Brief Poison Fog)
Nanocost 21
School Combat
Attack time 2.74s
Recharge time 1.07s
Range 25 m
Stacking order 8
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 100 %
To Use User Matter creation >= 128 and
User Visual profession == Nano-Technician
On Use Target AOE 12m Brief Poison Fog  
alexapi32 @ 2008-03-01 16:48
I think that should be written in the effects:36-78 points of poison-based damage to all enemies in the area.
Flatvia @ 2008-11-22 13:17
Binarybot @ 2009-02-26 18:34
It did back in 11.0. Now AoEs are handled a different way.
remember @ 2009-05-19 17:30
is it this 1 u should use in totw?
AOmaster @ 2009-08-28 19:11
Come on, do you really need someone to tell you what nuke to use in what dungeon?, are you just gonna sit and wait til someone replies to your post a few months down the road?
Blindsword @ 2010-04-25 14:49
Yes this is the one to use in ToTW, if its the highest one you can use... If there is a higher ql AoE nuke that you can use by lvl 60, then that one would be even better in ToTW... ( I know higher ql doesn't always mean better, but its the general idea )
gdahl @ 2012-01-11 22:50
Totally rocks on newbie island.
And yes, it's still possible to get it there.
Blindsword @ 2012-07-06 18:06
0.o the one to use in ToTW? or maybe best to use on nontwinked froobs pre level 20. just with 20 point general buff and implants its easy to do on a froob at lvl 20... Expanding Neutron Pulse would be good in ToTW because of higher damage and larger AoE.
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