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Item Database - Ferocious Impactor Missile

Ferocious Impactor Missile Icon #45186 A small missile strikes the target for 528-1,057 points of projectile-based damage.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override
Patch 11.0 11.4 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 162
Crystal Nano Crystal (Ferocious Impactor Missile)
NCU 50
Nanocost 197
School Combat
Attack time 3.55s
Recharge time 1.46s
Range 25 m
Stacking order 50
Defense skills
Nano resist 75 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 100 %
To Use User Matter creation >= 747 and
User Visual profession == Nano-Technician
On Use Target Hit Health Projectile -528 .. -1057  
Nukeaway @ 2004-03-10 00:38
I have a lvl 153 NT ... According to aodb with my Nano Init at 1250 and matter creation of 850 that I can do more dammage per second with this nano than with much higher base dammage nanos like Glacial Finality ... I haven't timmed it, so I can't say yet which is better ... but it would make sense to me that aodb's nuke table would be more accurate since it takes you MC skill into account, but I can also cast Volcanic Eruption about as fast (none of the AoE nukes seem to be listed on either nuke table o.O .. weird .. ) So I am thinking that Eruption should be better, but maybe a more experianced NT can point me in the right direction? Only been playing one for a couple months now .. and I prefer a weapon rather than using the deck, most of the high lvl SL nanos aren't going to help me till like lvl 190+ anyway ... suggestions?
HurfBurf @ 2004-03-22 07:28
this is the most accurate nuke calculator. the other ones don't take all factors into account.
Voriuste @ 2006-03-06 09:01
This does more damage... when you target has AC ;)
Norheim @ 2006-07-06 15:18
Where can u get this ! I need it :D
Engelen @ 2006-11-02 19:27
Low resistchance, but in pvp it is allso going to hurt you alot with its reflects. Extreme damage though
Aurielle @ 2007-02-24 23:54
Guess it's the most useful for cocoon/layers breaking for CA... SMS does proj too, but 110% check.
Binarybot @ 2009-02-16 16:44
With low resist and fast speed, beats out IEF at full def. Short recharge allows for spamming layers or squeezing off a quick sphere as needed. IEF is about 500 DPS at full agg with 1400+ nano init, and about 360 DPS at full def with the same stats. This nano is nearly 390 DPS at full def (at 960 nano init).

Might not be worth going out of your way for, but has situational advantages where you want a single nuke and need to be defensive. Low resist helps push the damage through. If you can afford to use an AoE, then it will definitely out damage, or go full agg for IEF. Lastly, team heckler grinders will appreciate the Projectile damage, so you wont be hitting for min damage all the time, and you wont be adding extra taunt.
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