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Item Database - Feeble Gladiatorbot

Feeble Gladiatorbot Icon #44139 The robots create the shell of an advanced robot for the Engineer.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 11.0 13.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.6
QL 47
Crystal Nano Crystal (Feeble Gladiatorbot)
NCU 15
Nanocost 507
School Space
Attack time 8.46s
Recharge time 2.1s
Range 2 m
Stacking order 15
Attack skills
Matter creation 50 %
Time and space 50 %
To Use User Time and space >= 230 and
User Matter creation >= 230 and
User Profession == Engineer and
User Credits >= 364
On Use User Hit Credits -364 .. -364  
User Summon Item ENGA  
kailii @ 2005-04-16 01:34
The Gladiatorbot ain't much of an improvement compared to the Android, so don't expect miracles from this new chassis.
To get the most out of your Bot, use Trimmers: "Increase Agressiveness" to keep the Aggro on the Bot, you have to build this one. "Positive Aggressive-Defensive" to make it attack more often, "Divert Energy to Offense" for emergencies.
Buff the Bot up as well, start with damage enhancers, AC buffs or whatever you got. Buff the Bot, not yourself.
Add in some implants that allow you to have a Bot 5-10 levels over your own level, and let it go Pwn! ;)
For comparison, my Flawed G.Bot at QL 63 allowed me to take down several level 80 Dyna bosses. Hard fights though, I gave all I got. I don't think you can't get much better than this with an untwinked character. ;)
McYoda @ 2005-08-11 02:36
Nice job!
Have to admit I twinked this at level 24, thought it'd pwn Abmouth. Nope, it just made an unsuccessful kamikaze attack.
Mannystk @ 2005-10-20 20:30
could easily get a higher pet than this at level 24 :S - Im level 12 not twinked and got a level 20 pet... self buffed, by level 24 easily get a level 60-80ish pet
Arrone @ 2005-10-31 03:12
androids and gladiator bots suck..slayers, drones and widowmaker FTW!! :P
genius71 @ 2006-03-08 22:49
these make funny noises... "Pheh-wooh... pheh-wooh..." and when they die, they wistle... "Hootyhootyhooty..." lol
Arrone @ 2006-04-15 05:17
rofl, i might cast one and send it to an inf dragon and then quickly cast my slayer just to hear the "Hootyhootyhooty" noise :P
noir1991 @ 2006-06-21 20:05
lol wth u mean :P waste ur time lol
Ciekafsky @ 2009-10-01 11:19
Its easy to cast at lvl 10 or so but you need to have enough ncu for 2 mohams and a trader "lend nano" because your nano pool is not high enough, even as a nanomage :(
Ciekafsky @ 2009-10-01 11:34
Aww, crap, not mochams but 131 wrangle, that means you need 4 (comp nano)+58 (wrangle)+8(lend nano 100) = 70 NCU that may come from, for example a 3x belt + ncu ring (i had 18 ncu one), 3x +18 ncus (around 140 cl needed), full set of +2 ncu carb (+14), 2x electronicum pistols for +4 ncu+8 base ncu that gives you a total of 94 NCU. After casting it, ask a MP for +90 MC/TS buffs to keep it out of OE (82 ncu needed+4 for comp nano). Its a pretty solid pet for a startup areas, especially trimmered it tends to kill the things fast.
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