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Item Database - Primitive Viral Agent

Primitive Viral Agent Icon #16225 A nano-created virus infects the target, continuously inflicting 3 points of poison-based damage every few seconds for the duration of the formula.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 11.0 12.5 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 4
Crystal Nano Crystal (Primitive Viral Agent)
Nanocost 15
School Combat: Doctor DOT line A
Duration 1 minute
Attack time 3.02s
Recharge time 1.01s
Range 25 m
Effect icon Icon 16406
Stacking order 2
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 53 %
Matter creation 47 %
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 25 and
User Matter creation >= 22 and
User Visual profession == Doctor
On Use Target Hit Health Poison -3 .. -3  10 hits, 6s delay
Skarmory @ 2005-05-16 19:15
This is better than the starter one... how?
Moniker @ 2005-05-28 13:54
1 more damage, more hits, less delay. Not a whole lot better, but it comes in the nanobox, so I usually use this insted of the startup one. (not that either are particullarly helpful at that lvl range)
Mr_H8 @ 2006-10-01 23:31
same damage actualy, 3 poison on both.
2 more hits, second and a half quicker each hit with this one (10x, 6s vs 8x, 7.5s)
although really, both are pretty lame.
Flatvia @ 2009-12-20 20:27
i LOVE using these at levels 2-6. cast on like 6 leets/reets and sit back and relax while you max out your skills while they all die, repeat. (healing is advised)
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