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Item Database - Transcendent Enmity Personification

Transcendent Enmity Personification Icon #96170 The nanocloud briefly takes on a semi-physical manifestation of the caster's anger.
Flags Modified Description, Default Target
Patch 11.0 12.8 14.2.1 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.0 18.5
QL 175
Crystal Nano Crystal (Transcendent Enmity Personification)
NCU 54
Nanocost 913
School Space
Attack time 5.79s
Recharge time 2.98s
Range 5 m
Attack skills
Matter creation 50 %
Time and space 50 %
To Use User Time and space >= 811 and
User Matter creation >= 811 and
User Visual profession == Meta-Physicist and
User Pets == 0
On Use Self Summon Monster PT55  
estboy @ 2004-05-03 08:39
is this the last meatball?
Minokhoon @ 2004-05-07 10:44
Yeah, it is.. as far as i know, at least ;)
Dworkin @ 2005-06-16 23:41
also more dmg then caco xD
SpACatta @ 2005-12-03 20:33
But half the health. You lose.
Mohns @ 2006-04-12 16:06
it depends on the situation i guess.i use this in a team but a demon if im going solo
lpx @ 2006-12-16 18:09
pound for pound the best rk pet.. actually IS legos might be better.. never used them (stay away from totw leog though.. crap)

half the health. you lose? i dont think so.. get another mp and pit this meatball against a cacodepuff.. buff them both equal.. watch cacodepuff get his ass creamed.
Jinzost @ 2007-03-03 22:07
This is better for pvp, cuz in pvp ppl attack YOU, not ur pet, so pet health is irrelevent
Yakobo66 @ 2007-03-09 11:42
76 mp with this, bela and tut in full css/officers was scary...
wintypes @ 2007-12-26 01:04
oh you met reids :P
reids @ 2008-08-08 17:02
Jihla @ 2008-08-27 21:29
reids is the uberest :[
Damefix @ 2008-11-05 16:19
How much damage this one does? ~1k per hit?
wintypes @ 2009-01-27 12:56
800-1k regular, 1.7k crits in pvm. For my lvl60 MP in totw at least :)
hoserz @ 2010-03-19 21:05
is this rollable?
Blindsword @ 2010-07-09 06:57
with this pet in ToTW I don't need to even bother with mezz and heal pets... It kills anything before it has a change to touch me.. and has a heal delta so high Azzy never gets it lower then 90% of full health.
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