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Item Database - Summon Demon

Summon Demon Icon #295584 The nanocloud briefly takes on a semi-physical manifestation of the caster's anger. The higher Material Creation and Time & Space you have, the better the manifestation will be.
Flags Modified Description
Can Apply Self
Patch 11.0 12.8 14.2.1 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.0 18.5 18.8.53
QL 189
Crystal Nano Crystal (Summon Demon)
NCU 58
Nanocost 535
School Space: 1015
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Stacking order 58
To Use User Time and space >= 789 and
User Matter creation >= 789 and
User Visual profession == Meta-Physicist and
User Pets <= 0
On Use Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 799  and
Matter creation >= 799  and
Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 815  and
Matter creation >= 815  and
Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 830  and
Matter creation >= 830  and
Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 847  and
Matter creation >= 847  and
Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 866  and
Matter creation >= 866  and
Pets <= 0  
Self Spawn Pet PT56  
if Time and space >= 874  and
Matter creation >= 874  
evilprince78 @ 2004-09-28 19:53
can be rolled!!
Serturos @ 2004-10-29 18:15
Lvl 90, CI, lvl req Symbiants Eye-Hand-Brain, ql 200 imps, O.E.T jess ql 100 pistols, Shirt of Zuwan +22, fg, ess, certain armor parts that add either to abilitys or nano skills, perks, 2 Nodrop crystal from CWN-ANN (embryo mobs)these add depending on qlupto 75 to nano skills just camping required, and finish wih Odins, self cast ql 200 demon self cast with bela and tum. There is other stuff you can use but listing all trickle down and items is a lot ^^ but bear in mind this I did using my trox mp so i didnt need a wrangle to cast.. PvP takes on a whole knew meaning.
jobey @ 2005-03-13 17:00
oh, is it that easy? i thought it might require work
Grusummere @ 2005-03-16 13:17
I got it on my MP at like 116
DarkBVackVan @ 2005-03-24 04:42
what does Blitzable and rollable mean?
it's confusing me!
mnurminen @ 2005-03-30 14:29
BarkBVackVan, the same thing i suppose
aamp88 @ 2005-05-10 14:15
meens mission reward dark
Talan @ 2005-08-25 07:03
self-casting reasonably untwinked at 100, without chaining up to mochies at 108.
ath0 @ 2005-08-29 01:53
Are demons temporary like the meatballs?
hallogen @ 2005-09-04 07:33
In regards to PVP, I have heard many times that when it comes to PVP, the last attack meatball is better than the final RK demon. Verify?
GruikGruik @ 2005-09-08 14:55
Well for what i know, pets aren't so good in pvp : they can be mezzed :/
So using a nuke can be much better.... but i'm not MP so can't say really ^^
Aelanna @ 2005-09-15 20:15
One note that needs to be made is that selfcasting Cacodemon before level 110 requires being nanomage, and having at least Shadowlands, and maybe Alien Invasion as well. Due to how exceptionally powerful symbiants are, fr00bs aren't likely to be able to cast this until much later.
olezero @ 2005-09-19 01:55
im currentrly working on getting this one at level100.. aboute 100 points off atm, so i guess ive gotta do a bit more twinkin :p
Medinosguy @ 2005-09-20 18:57
What lvl is this ( I can cast now :P )
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-24 19:27
200 pet, with 22k HP
EngiBoy @ 2005-09-25 07:34
LvL 110 Solitus MP with relativley current symbiants (usualy around lvl 88ish for req, full set) self cast (mochams, odins, ect). in my opinion, theres not much twinkage...
Medinosguy @ 2005-09-25 11:58
thx for lvl and health
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-28 02:19
slayer same damage as this but 44K on the slayer, anyway MP 200 pet can surive longer because of the healer pet and the mezzer
pter666 @ 2005-09-28 22:42
is it possible to self cast as a froob soli mp @lvl105-115?
wiltingrose @ 2005-10-06 20:51
Quote: (hallogen)In regards to PVP, I have heard many times that when it comes to PVP, the last attack meatball is better than the final RK demon. Verify? Transendent Emnity Personification has the slight edge in attacking cause its a bit faster and hits a bit harder, but the heath on the demon is the reason why demons are better. Just go with the demon, id reather have my belamorte on me instead of a meatball that will die quickly
triggerzer0 @ 2005-11-05 16:18
@ Aelanna : symbiants are *not* that much more powerfull that imps pre TL5, in fact, implants will add *more* MC/TS than symbs will
Nytmare @ 2005-11-08 16:39
Caco demon hits harder and crits alot higher but is effectivly slower than transdesent enimty personificatoin.
BigDPimpin @ 2005-12-05 22:05
I can cast this at 90 - Mochs/Odins/Wrangle - done end of story!!
Montiy @ 2005-12-09 17:16
symbs are way more powerful than implants pre Tl5, ql 100 eye right hand and brain add about 100 to mc and ts while implants add around 50
u_guys_suck @ 2005-12-13 00:17
hmmm. lvl 75 with say 150 imps. moochies. and get a wrangle. maybe alien armor. anything else that buffs requirements. hell some1 twink this bitch on at lvl 60 and ill give you a high five
romdon @ 2005-12-28 07:29
lol just use that wrath incarnation at 60 :P ..
Vinyaya @ 2006-01-09 18:15
My MP cast this at level 76. Hint: Blackshirt helps!
Weedtanzer @ 2006-01-10 10:38
Im a froob and my mp was ablt to cast this nano at level ~125.
With 200er Imps, that skilled MC/TS, and mochams from other MPs.
Only the NCU usage is much too high for a froob, I think!
Ztoffe @ 2006-01-15 19:26
at 125 u should be able to cast your own mochams ^^
grid.docult @ 2006-01-17 23:43
Hi im a bit of a n00b 2 MP's ^^ Is the QL. of the nano of a pet the same Level as the best eg. A QL50 nano would = a lvl 50 pet am i correct ?
grid.docult @ 2006-01-17 23:47
Best = *pet*
Ztoffe @ 2006-01-18 11:19
Thats isnt right, grid.doc..the pet is usually a few lvls lower..except for the 189 Caco that is Lvl 200.
Datagutt @ 2006-01-30 15:21
u get stuck with this pet waaay to long hard to get teams with caco when u get to lvl 150
Unredeemed @ 2006-01-30 19:19
yeah. using this and trying to get an ado team is lame.....the only thing they look for in you is some extra healing...or maybe a decoy -_-
Vinyaya @ 2006-02-08 03:17
Ya I'm stuck with this for 89 levels...tell me about it :(
grid.docult @ 2006-03-05 23:17
What does this pet look like ? is it uklesh style ? :)
Maxdog420 @ 2006-03-27 03:13
Yes it looks like Uklesh.
Mixit @ 2006-05-05 10:58
Got it on my lvl88 MP yesterday, together with Bela and Tumulten. All I needed was a 131ish wrangle, then I casted Odin and afterwards those three beauties. Was biiig fun to hug the barkeeper in the Fair Trade ;).
Next plan is to selfcast them - more or less. Will get single mochams and keep them up on my own.
Xethrin @ 2006-06-03 15:23
Ill have this up at lvl 60 soon as I finish my AI armor :D (will need wrangle/moch to cast him.. but meh...)
rico648 @ 2006-06-19 23:19
haha i did some number chrunching, and if you happen to have a few hundred millioin just lieing around...this is possible at level 60 w/o org contracts/benefits,even easier with them.
Riggs @ 2006-07-21 07:50
Have already casted it at 60,with above described methods.Definitely gets attention in game.Everyone wants to see all of your equip,so be ready for spam!
UNDRTKR984 @ 2006-08-09 18:21
Self cast this as a froob at lvl 124. I had 2xViral Eggs, 2xOET Jess ql 100 pistols, Blackshirt of Zuwadza, Reanimator's Cloak, The Collar de la Cripta (for NCU increase), Hood, Pants, and Boots of Yearning, and 2x Ring of Presence. I had ql 150 imps in that had emphasis on my pyscho mod and sense inprov nanos so I could cast my moochies, with other available clusters improving other nanos. What I would do is cast expertises of bm, si, and pm, followed by infuses of bm, si, and pm. This would allow me to cast Odin's. Then I remove the bm buffs and put in mochs and expertises for ts and mc. At this point, my NCU usage is 251 out of 252 total. To complete things, I remove an expertise of either si or pm so I can cast an intellegence boost which puts my mc at 874 and my ts at 881.

Keep in mind that I can also cast Belamorte and Temulten by putting in bm or mm moochies instead of the mc. Don't need the intellegence buff for Belamorte either.

There is hope for froobs. Froobs could definately cast earlier w/ higher imps in and shades of lucubration (not to mention other items that I may not be familiar with yet). Anyway, still took a lot of work to get all my items, but it is worth it.
Xsonic @ 2006-10-16 09:56
holy cow.... what?
chaturga @ 2006-10-22 16:48
"slayer same damage as this but 44K on the slayer, anyway MP 200 pet can surive longer because of the healer pet and the mezzer" Try takeing a 210 mission mob out, slayer can outlast a caco even with the healpet usually
Deathgod @ 2006-11-03 22:23
as froob u can cast it at 110-115..i noticed that i could cast it at lvl 114 and not even know it, so i can be casted a little lower...and dont forget boimech rings are imps were 180
lpx @ 2006-12-16 18:04
cacodepuff.. er i mean cacodemon like all other RK demons suck.. heres why..
they only use one fist.. they have more hp thats true.. aprox double that of meatball iirc
11k hp last meatball
22k hp cacodemon
44k hp rk slayerdroid (eng)

rk demons do have more attack rating then the last meatball.. they also hit harder.. however they also only have 1 fist.. meatballs on the other hand hit with 2 fist.. so meatballs do little less dmg per hit but twice as fast and most times even on high mobs they can do a better job with a heal pet on them then the demon.. the fights are shorter because of increased dmg output.. there are times where cacodemon is better then meatball but only when you need every last ouch of the demons hp for tanking.

sl demons however are different, they hit with 2 fist.. and they hit very fast.. like the meatball.. eng pets btw also use 2 fist.. including the QL200 rk slayerdroid.

if you wanna see just how bad cacodemon is.. get another mp.. one of you cast last meatball, the other cast cacodemon.. buff them both equally.. then send them in to fight.. the cacodemon gets his ass kicked every time despite having slightly higher ar,dmg and twice the health.
Jinzost @ 2007-01-22 03:59
holy hell wtf???

Talan @ 2005-08-25 07:03
self-casting reasonably untwinked at 100, without chaining up to mochies at 108.

first of all- WTF!!??

second of all- how in the world do u get mochies at lvl 100???
Jinzost @ 2007-01-22 04:01
keep in mind that if u need mochies or a wrangle to cast a mochie, then its not self-cast
Vxrniss @ 2007-02-03 14:02
Selfcast at 116 easy, full symb set, selfcast all mochams too :)
Vxrniss @ 2007-02-03 14:03
over the reqs btw 900+ MC/T&S
Benjamn @ 2007-04-28 01:38
Jornado @ 2007-07-15 10:27
100% selfcast at 106, no OSBs. rean cloak, tl4 devals, VTEs, shades of lucubration, OET Jess pistols, crepuscule armor ~130, CI, odins, full symbs. exactly 874 TS lol ToTW ring actually came in handy, 869 w/o it lol
Jornado @ 2007-07-15 10:30
*doh 872 w/o it, sorry been twinking for the last 3 hours. /tell krazilekski for more details
qwayke @ 2007-09-15 10:35
Wow, my level 88 MP has no problem casting this and Bela/Tumu. Opifex MP, Eye/brain/RHand/Chest/Ear symbs, rest ql 120 imps. VTE, Reanim cloak, Blackshirt, and a ql75 arith sleeve. No stupid buffing pistols, or headgear. ftw! Casts Infuses to cast Odins to then cast mochams, to cast the pet. Very fun pwning the director in Biomare!
kajah @ 2007-09-15 14:47
Benjamn @ 2007-04-28 01:38
castable at lvl 60

lol.. u dont know what ur talking bout, u dont use symb's at lvl 60, they suck hard compared to ql 150+ imps, ecpecialy brain imp
qwayke @ 2007-09-15 23:21
at 60 symbs suck, at 88 they rawk :p
Jihla @ 2007-09-19 21:05
QL 70 eye and brain, and QL 80 right hand symbiants gives 76 MC/TS. The int from the brain gives another 4-5 so that's a total of 80, which is roughly the same as QL 150 implants. On top of that you get more additional nano skills from the eye and brain - and they're very easy to equip. So imo, symbiants > implants at level 60.
Shareida @ 2007-12-04 21:46
kajah @ 2007-09-15 14:47
Benjamn @ 2007-04-28 01:38
castable at lvl 60

lol.. u dont know what ur talking bout, u dont use symb's at lvl 60, they suck hard compared to ql 150+ imps, ecpecialy brain imp
Keep in mind that symbs ALWAYS come out the upperhand. If you compare Imp and symbiant by amount/skill buffed, you will of course conclude that.

Just compare: T&S imps ql 150 : Buffs both by 80

Versus:ql 80 Control/exterm symbs Buffs ALL nanoskills by 83, AND adds 30+ int 20+ psy.
Shiare @ 2008-01-29 05:51
For the froobs, Miy's armor and Lya's armor makes it fairly easy to cast all MP pets by level 100. If you are lucky and have a zuwadzda shirt or other nice rare phats like that, then it'll be even easier.

As for a froob getting mochams @ 100 and self-casting pets. The idea is to focus on SI/PM implants around QL180+ (takes a fair amount of twinkage and base ability skill laddering, but doable). Then start with your best nano skill buffs....cast masteries, which allow you to cast infusions (unless you can cast infusions already, then skip the masteries), add your expertise buffs. then get about a 70-90ish wrangle (shouldn't need a 131/132 if going with SI/PM based Implants) or you could get PM/SI mocham's from another MP, whichever is easiest for you to find at the time. That lets you cast odin's (+48 all nano skills and +50 to MM/BM due to psychic trickledown) and at that point you don't even need another wrangle/mocham from other people ever again unless you die or sit around and let either your odins, PM or SI mochams run out. As long as you keep those 3 buffs up at all time, you can refresh your mochams and odin's without hunting for OSB's.

Now as far as cocademon, you may need to get a small wrangle (30 - 50ish maybe) to get him out, Lemur, fiend are easy....but with the FC love and froob accounts, even a Sloob should have a pocket wrangler (dual log the trader and hit yourself off with a quick wrangle....and yes I call that self-cast...LOL hey I did all the work to cast "ALL" the buffs ;)

IDK, maybe it's just me, but I hate to run around begging for buffs (free or tipping). I just don't have time to run around looking for a nice player to buff me. If there is one thing I hate about MMO's is when developlers force you to rely on other players for everything. If not for froob accounts this game would be a major pain to play because of the smallish population on the servers compared to most MMO's. Even with froobs it takes forever to find a trader. That's why I made my own
Jihla @ 2008-02-19 14:43
This is too easy to cast at level 60. Someone do it at level 50 please.
gdb2222 @ 2008-04-16 23:45
"This is too easy to cast at level 60. Someone do it at level 50 please."

pffft this rocks in lvl 1 pvp
fly @ 2008-05-10 05:42
It was stated earlier abit and just want to clear it up for a few of you who want to know the pvp answer. In pvp, you will want the highest meatball. It does more DPM than this, altho it does have lower hp. But if the guy your fighting wants to attack your meatball instead of you, let him :P Also, caco is better for pvm for the reverse reason, you want more hp on your pet.
Malaxia @ 2008-06-12 22:55
Executing Nano Program: Summon Cacodemon. @ 80 with just 132 wrangle as OSB. No odin, no mochies, no infuses ^_^
danglies @ 2008-08-26 09:10
All these posts and no yokobo!! WHERE ARE YOU YOKOBO!!!
livesangry @ 2009-01-29 18:13
possible to get on an lvl 60 i got an NM with 639 MC/TS twinked with QL 160 imps,virrals.zuwdza's, perks researches, devalos,no AI armor well u can get 32+ from AI armor, then 90+ from mochams ( mochams gives 140 but 639 is included mastery's) 131+ from wrangle which brings u to an total of 250+ bonus on MC/TS , which means 250+639=889.....i probaly missed something so u might actaully get higher hehe btw i dident calced in trickle of some things not sure what i calced in and what i dident..... also if u have AI armor and the trickle u can keap it off OE when mochams runs out. i dont think Odin's eye is doable at lvl 60 NM atleast it wont be worth it, u will need Mocham's and Wrangle only to get it up. and u better put some points into some kind of weapon personally i have an lvl 60 solitus MP with an howlet ql 100.
i got an solitus and NM MP at lvl 60, going to make an MP twink around these lvls and got an question or need help?

/tell atankerslife
/tell livesangryer
livesangry @ 2009-01-29 18:53
rimor server (RK2) however if ur not only going for the attack pet then u might better be off with symbs even at lvl 60
badsoca @ 2009-03-16 00:11
wtb urhelp with how toget a 100 howlet onnn a 60 trox mp and stilbe able to cast hich pets plox :) im on rk1 to :(
BossTank @ 2009-04-10 05:48
seen a level 74 with it on
Ddifferent @ 2009-06-05 04:55
Can get it on my level 73 easy
Briandmg @ 2009-08-25 15:41
Tbh, I'd prefer this pet over the meatball one when it comes to PvP. The damage difference is hardly noticeable, and caco has alot more health than the meatball.
yumm @ 2009-11-05 07:00
got this on at 68 with 130 eye/head/right hand imps mochams, odins missing eye, and a 131 special armor. just a med suit ;p
Hbar @ 2010-03-27 15:31
btw rumours that TEP has more AR are not true. Calculated 616 unbuffed AR for this guy and 606 for TEP. Not that it matters with such low numbers, but I still prefer demon for tl5 pvp, doesn't hit much but at least he doesn't get killed too often.
Jackerz @ 2010-07-05 07:41
This is just an improved equipment configuration of the one that Benjamen posted a while back. I'm still working on getting all of it on my own lvl60 mp.
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