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Item Database - Nophex 3D Printer: Deluxe Love Edition

Nophex 3D Printer: Deluxe Love Edition In your hands is a rare device that can near-perfectly replicate any object in existence, in various quantities. Due to the potentially exploitive nature of such technology, these devices never leave their hidden and heavily fortified manufacturing plant until they have been hard-coded to produce a defined quantity of a specific object. After fulfilling its designed purpose, it self-destructs.
This device is programmed to produce (1) object(s) for every person in your team - You must be teamed to use this, and near your teammates for everyone to receive their item. Nophex Industries wishes you happy holidays and appreciates your business.
Phasefront Classic - Elamorado
The Mad Lover Topper
Cute Print Pajamas
The Affectionate Bikini
Infatuated Boxer Shorts
Amorous Shortbow
The Love Sombrero
Adorable Feelers
Executive Cardinal Red Suit with Skirt
Executive Cardinal Red Suit with Trousers
Black Heart Lantern
A Heart Breaker
The Red Ball
Play Costume - Naughty Nightwear
Heart-Shaped Shades
Cherubic Quiver
Executive Carnation Pink Suit with Skirt
Executive Carnation Pink Suit with Trousers
Heart Print Pajamas
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Use, Confirm Use
Patch 18.8.62
Change QL:
Value 1
Mass 0.8kg
On Use Team Cast Nophex Mass Deluxe 3D Printing  
if Team >= 1  
User Destroy Item  
if Team >= 1  
User Text You must be in a team to use this.,  
if Team == 0  
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