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Item Database - Face in the Crowd

Face in the Crowd Icon #16214 Increases the Concealment skill of the target by 86 points.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 11.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 17.5 18.8.53
QL 57
Crystal Nano Crystal (Face in the Crowd)
NCU 18
Nanocost 177
School Psionic: Concealment buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3.12s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 15 m
Effect icon Icon 16371
Stacking order 13
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 53 %
Time and space 47 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 284 and
User Time and space >= 252 and
User Visual profession == Bureaucrat
On Use Target Modify Concealment 86  
Xwretchedx @ 2005-08-12 18:28
Woooo! Go concealment! That's what we crat's need to be teh uberz.
tegrere @ 2005-11-16 07:25
yah, how else do we use our uber aimed shot on ppl? lol, useless except for fp agents :p
Maelwenn @ 2005-12-02 16:18
robapril @ 2006-07-07 05:53
Useful if you want to hide from players, everybit helps and most people dont raise their percepion awhole lot. ^.^
Mr_H8 @ 2006-08-08 05:04
well.. uh..
i guess if you jump into a mission you can use this to help /hide /hunt /follow... still sounds lame though :p
Tarradax @ 2006-09-26 23:03
Concealment. That's exactly what crats need! Now they're practically on the same lovechild level as advys!
Lazuk @ 2006-09-30 04:45
funny nobody thinks a half 2nd about use of this, if you pvp, then you prolly use aimed shot, but outside of pvp, in pvm, then your concealment might not be high enough to AS mobs, but this can help that, and 86 helps a bit in that, btw why did they pick 86? lol...funcom techs musta just typed in 2 numbers realy quick :P
picsl2 @ 2006-10-24 08:11
can u hide from a mob and still have the pet attack? if so, then ya this nano tis teh ubarzforupoopers!
regsvr32 @ 2007-03-23 04:22
and more then that if u got high twink in concealment u can easiliy do missions of high lvl fast and get reward fast think about that could be money machine
sistadoc @ 2007-05-17 16:42
wow only 15mins duration :p
Azzy @ 2008-12-26 14:01
wts crat sneaking in shadows xD
wtb sneak mode for pets
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