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Item Database - Automatic Targeting

Automatic Targeting Icon #16196 Increases the likelihood of a successful attack by a moderate amount.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 11.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 17.7 18.8.53
QL 106
Crystal Nano Crystal (Automatic Targeting)
NCU 33
Nanocost 358
School Space
Duration 30 minutes
Attack time 4.06s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 15 m
Effect icon Icon 16353
Attack skills
Sensory improvement 50 %
Psychological modifications 50 %
To Use User Sensory improvement >= 493 and
User Psychological modifications >= 493 and
User Visual profession == Soldier
On Use Target Modify Offense modifier 23  
evilprince78 @ 2004-04-23 15:29
is this even worth using?? or only if you have the xtra NCU??
KhimaruRK2 @ 2004-04-26 20:30
no, it says it boosts the chances of landing a hit... look at jobe clusters that add offences too, and CAC too. offense is obviously worth it, i use this buff all the time.
evilprince78 @ 2004-06-10 17:26
ok kewl
olezero @ 2005-02-20 15:20
with yuttos NCU, use this !
Russm @ 2005-06-05 04:45
this buff and phalanx are too short. i find myself haveing to redo this buff 3 or 4 times during a medium penumbra mission. i wish it would last at least an hour.
Keex @ 2005-06-10 17:18
Nanocost: 358
stop whining :p
kandykandy @ 2005-07-01 21:27
anyone knows if it's blitzable or Dyno loot or if it can be found at shops cz i can't find it anywhere . P.S. i'm neutral....
Talan @ 2005-07-11 04:06
wtb improved version with 1 hour Duration -.- doesn't need to be any better, just longer damnit, I'm six of everyone in my team asking for it every 25mins. I mean come-on.
Talan @ 2005-07-11 04:06
Its blitzable btw.
Methhh @ 2005-07-11 13:46
isn't it store buyable?
Caylle @ 2005-09-05 18:17
yes its definitely store buyable.
Xevil @ 2005-11-20 11:24
Nano is a treasure for atrox solier
Xevil @ 2005-11-20 11:24
Ofex @ 2006-01-14 07:31
Talan im not sure if u mean "The" improved version or "an" improved version
because the improved version still lasts 30 minutes :P
Vinyaya @ 2006-04-11 06:54
The improved version is not ingame though.
Awaren @ 2006-06-12 05:40
Offensive modifier means damage, so it will do +23 damage. it has been tested
Thuglar @ 2006-06-19 18:05
No it doesn't, so go away with your lies.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-06-20 23:14
it still adds damage but not 23
robapril @ 2006-07-08 06:49
it will add 17% of you weapons base damage...
For Example with a weapon that does 100-500 dmge it would make it do 123-492...
robapril @ 2006-07-08 06:50
err 123-611*
Ryugu @ 2006-09-16 15:47
whered you get the percent from...?
Venderim @ 2006-10-17 18:45
17% of 100 is 17, so 17% of 100-500 = 117-585.....although I am unsure as to how you came up with the figure of 17% :)
noir1991 @ 2006-11-14 17:32
+23 offense doesnt mean 23 damage. The damage increases IF your weapons MBS has not been capped yet. Eg , you have a weapon which has 1000 MBS , you have 800 AR , you get AT you have 823(or something haven't checked)you will do higher damage. But if you have 1000 AR and your weapon's MBS is 1000 , even with 1023 AR , you will still do the same damage as with 1000 AR UNLESS you have + damage items/nanos. @Robapril , where did you cough that 17% out from ?
robapril @ 2007-01-09 06:25
every 400 attack rating adds weapons damage to itself. 23x17= 391 ....
s0 this adds about 17% of weapons damage to itself. or osmthig like that, Im to tired to think...
robapril @ 2007-01-09 06:26
that is unless you're over MBS like noir said...
robapril @ 2007-01-09 06:29
anyway its more like 6% I think...
acrocrash @ 2007-02-14 11:47
Ok for the people that have no clue.., offensive modifers, IE: crat aura, this glory all add to your dmg regardless of MBS, mbs cap is not effected my offensive adds....
hence why do you think atrox use mongo range, for the same reasons
#1 Increased dmg output
#2 offensive boots allow your chance of hitting the target to increase greatly. I have mbs on my sword , flat dmg (kyr) glory lands with crat aura(+300) and AT i can around + 70 to my dmg out put regardles if mbs is reached or not.. so to sum it up for people confussed or have no clue.

Offensive modifiers = greater chance to land a hit and increased dmg. IE, same with the offensives with GA and crat arua's greater chance of target nissing you!.
acrocrash @ 2007-02-14 11:48
*missing, even :P
acrocrash @ 2007-02-14 11:50
Prime example is the Superior perennium blaster, get 1550 Assault rifle skill.. no buff or added nano dmg, then pop this and get a crat in team for aura.. see your dmg raise :P
Vxrniss @ 2007-05-07 15:32
LE procs fire off a nano soldiers can buff?? thats crap :/ ima get this nano and start using the dmg proc or something...

and in short, every 400 AR adds 100% weapon damage...
Zuka @ 2007-06-08 03:34

The lower proc fires off the 1min version of this, there is another that fires off 35 aao. use this and that proc for the best effect.
noir1991 @ 2007-06-17 17:08
@ Acrocrash , my enforcer has an AR of 3.1k , my ofab wolf MBS cap is 2600 , so far even with challenger , my damage has always been +80 due to challenger's added damage , but it has not been higher because i have already reached the max for that sword , offensive modifiers will help u to get perks landed better , that is why atrox uses Mongo Rage.
noir1991 @ 2007-06-17 17:11
Now I've also got Raging blow which adds another 250+ AAO , I've only seen an increase in 80 damage cause RB also adds 80 like a normal challenger.Why ? Because I've already reached my MBS cap. You probably hit at a higher damage cause you had +dd or u had a sol/keeper in team.
psymonatrix @ 2007-08-10 19:51
anyone can tell me if the new Improved Automatic Targeting stacks with ths pleas? :)
Mergai @ 2008-01-10 09:43
yes, improved automatic targeting will stack with this! :)
Whitey @ 2008-06-23 06:20
@ acrocrash; Pretty much everything you have said is incorrect, except that higher AR increases chance to hit the target. To end the confusion: MBS (maximum beneficial skill) means that once you hit the MBS, your damage WILL NOT increase any further (with exception of dmg add perks/nano's etc.). MBS does not limit your AR, it just tells you when you will stop gaining damage addition from increasing AR.

also @ Mergai, no, improved version -DOES NOT- stack. If you're confused on if a nano stacks or not, look in the details and find the nanoline, if the nano you want it to stack with is also in there, then it wont stack, and the nano with the highest NCU cost will replace the one before.
manhunt13 @ 2008-07-03 02:40
ok lood aao makes you wepon attack faster and it adds to your attack raing
(the thing between your health and ac on the status menu)
that means you attack more often and hit for a few pionts more.

no clue how much more but it isn't alot, mabe just one or two
For a wepon that has reached its max skill it will add some damage but not alot
Lidz @ 2008-07-07 09:30
manhunt13 @ 2008-07-03 02:40

ok lood aao makes you wepon attack faster and it adds to your attack raing
(the thing between your health and ac on the status menu)
that means you attack more often and hit for a few pionts more.

no clue how much more but it isn't alot, mabe just one or two
For a wepon that has reached its max skill it will add some damage but not alot
---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Offense modifier don't make you attack faster wepon initiatives do
Whitey @ 2008-11-04 07:24
wtb edit button: this stacks with 'improved automatic targeting' but not with this nano's improved version 'full automatic targeting'
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