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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Horde)

Nano Crystal (Horde) Icon #42451 Nano Crystal -Increases the damage inflicted by all the martial artists in the team. It also increases the martial arts skill slightly.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 11.0 12.5 13.2 14.4.2
Change QL:
Value 916132
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Matter metamorphosis >= 692 and
User Matter creation >= 692 and
User Visual profession == Martial Artist
On Use User Upload Horde  
zyx21 @ 2005-02-02 04:34
Deesnuts @ 2005-04-28 19:30
:D <----3
Hugeframe @ 2005-11-04 05:25
pollu @ 2005-11-12 03:58
"It also increases the martial arts skill slightly." How much is it?
Glargh @ 2005-11-20 04:54
An amazing six points.
Skarmory @ 2005-12-05 00:17
Well ,it's really nice for that NCU cost. It however uses a COMPLETELY useless nanoskill. MAs get, what, 4 nanos using Mater Metamorphosis?
Woden @ 2006-03-20 02:12
13 to be exact
bartje @ 2006-05-16 21:02
dont cry u babys it is a really nice nano and it is the same is cohort :D
400 AC for 5 ncu and this is 13 dmg for 5 ncu so please stop whyning and buy urself a nice symb and find a really nice mp wanna stim u CI!!
Xsonic @ 2006-06-08 07:45
MM suxxor...
Xaerro @ 2006-09-17 15:43
Im not so crazy about those requirements they could ad a zero to all dmg boosts :D 120 didnt hurt anybody :))
dJinN @ 2006-10-06 11:28
if people spend billions of credits for 60 damage from robust backpack I'll spend a little ip into mm for 12 :/
Twinkywinky @ 2006-10-08 11:24
only good because costs 5ncu..
GATIS @ 2007-02-16 13:37
i have maxed out everything i need and i have alot of left IP so i have no problems on useing any nano. Yea, dont cry, MC,TS,MM rocks :P~
Aurielle @ 2007-06-03 01:12
Carry a +MM phulak around, not like you have to retwink your weapon back on.
Hydrojen @ 2008-07-10 20:27
It's a free 12 point damage boost; it's a free 6 MA; so why's it bad if you got the spare IP? :P
Undercutting @ 2008-08-28 13:08
Becuae you dont have spare ip.
gergiskoo @ 2008-10-05 08:21
this is what composite mochams are for
Ericsmokebud @ 2010-05-30 05:05
where to get this ?
Saetos @ 2010-09-11 11:48
It's another 6 free damage for Agents that FP MA, especially as MM and MC are very useful skills for them to have.
Xaerro @ 2010-10-30 08:12
why would an agent FP MA? are you insane? agents fp doc or enf, that's it!
Vigos @ 2010-11-24 22:09
Does this stack with other MAs who have this and cast it?
Ephyon @ 2011-01-19 01:27
No Vigos, you can only have one of it running.
houserocker @ 2019-09-18 01:18
Now works on all teammates, not only other MAs. Nice!
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