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Item Database - Form of Tessai

Form of Tessai Icon #101002 Turns the body of the caster rock-hard, with both an AC and Strength boost, at the cost of some Agility and Runspeed. Melee AC is increased by 676 points, all other ACs by 574 points, Strength by 40 points.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 11.0 14.4.2 14.6 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 165
Crystal Nano Crystal (Form of Tessai)
NCU 51
Nanocost 1013
School Protection: AC buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3.74s
Recharge time 4.44s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 117737
Stacking order 66
Attack skills
Matter creation 50 %
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
To Use User Sensory improvement >= 770 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 770 and
User Visual profession == Martial Artist
On Use Self Modify Strength 40  
Self Modify Agility -70  
Self Modify Projectile AC 574  
Self Modify Melee AC 676  
Self Modify Energy AC 574  
Self Modify Chemical AC 574  
Self Modify Radiation AC 574  
Self Modify Cold AC 574  
Self Modify Poison AC 574  
Self Modify Fire AC 574  
Self Modify Run speed -250  
cezthewez @ 2002-12-16 13:28
is it possible to find this item as a mission reward??
Virtual @ 2003-04-20 19:53
BlackZam @ 2003-08-01 17:05
Is this boss loot only or?
spy @ 2003-08-11 05:22
it is possible to find it as a mission reward
i just found one
coldwash @ 2004-04-07 15:04
This item actually drops your attack rating by a few point though, because Martial arts skill is much more dependant on agility than strength. It is basically only useful to buff into things you might need more strength for
Hundredhand @ 2004-07-04 22:45
If you want a higher strength to dish out damage, Strength Boost is very useful for that end without having to sacrifice your agility in the process
Morphling @ 2004-08-19 15:21
lol melee damage being based on strength is a myth, its all about the attack skill, and most of the melee ones has a strength component ;)
Lejon @ 2004-12-06 12:53
Martial Arts is 50% Agility as opposed to 20% Strength... And the Strength buff is also smaller than the Agi debuff end result -> (.2*40 - .5*70) / 4 = -6.75 pts trickledown in MA.
Sypiken @ 2004-12-06 18:54
And +574 AC's.... Runspeed debuff may be worce then all the other stuff though.
Ltes @ 2005-01-29 19:18
Is this self only?
Dragonlance @ 2005-02-20 18:25
Ltes @ 2005-01-29 19:18
Is this self only?

"Turns the body of the caster rock-hard".
go figure.
Grusummere @ 2005-03-03 20:37
yeah its self only n not all that great...I use it sometimes tho w/ cohort +1000 ACs :D
Tchaalina @ 2005-04-13 14:42
hmm...does it stack with Prodigious Strength? If so, its one heck of a nice Str buffing nano imo. Nice for getting into Strong/Combined Mercs early on.
Serjozka @ 2005-05-01 02:48
it does :) so you can get +92str with it :) (PS+FT+Str boost) :)
Bronx @ 2005-05-04 05:02
MA AC line is completely useless imo, and MC is a darkblue ip sinkhole. not anyway near worth it.
Moniker @ 2005-06-01 01:00
Wow thats very true bronx, i hadnt even thought about the fact that nothing else used it before i sunk some ip into this one. Good thing theres reset mode :D
nimarq @ 2005-06-15 17:25
Yes it stacks.
nimarq @ 2005-06-15 17:27
MC is used for Cohort and Horde as well btw. Those are nice nanos. You'll anyway have plenty of IP between TL4 and 5.
wooshell @ 2005-08-03 16:17
Usually, the people blabbering about useless IP sinks are the first in team asking for AC buffs... thank god we MAs don't listen to you :p~
Honus1 @ 2005-08-16 20:37
Yes indeed wooshell..the only buff I ever ask for is CI.....that is to buff my self with nano which is great. 170 MA with 7000 melee/ac
Honus1 @ 2005-08-16 20:38
*with this nano
Moniker @ 2005-08-22 04:49
Wish this wasnt self only, hell then we ma's would have somethint to cast on others other than mark of peril all the time. But, It dosnt matter, i dont even use mc :).
Moniker @ 2005-08-22 04:53
Oh, I guess its on here i denounced it. Well, i went through tl 4/5 since then, and what nimarq said didnt seem to be 100% correct, Something always seemes more important than MC :)
Volkanov @ 2005-09-01 15:15
This buff allows you to focus more on Brawl, thats why it ups strength and downs agility. Remember MA actually has the best brawl in the game, not enfs.
Ephyon @ 2005-09-20 03:54
WTB this as Target instead of self only,
that extra Strength could be very usefull when you try ang get stuff on.
fixxxxxor @ 2005-09-20 08:51
LOL i can't believe u guys.... the nano 1 step below is BETTER than this sucker
enfoz @ 2005-09-26 17:30
The nano below doesn't give strenght n3wb =p
nimarq @ 2005-10-15 15:31
Moniker, depends on your priorities. If you wanna max everything like NR, Parry Riposte for attacks, ofc you wont have IP. otherwise, you will
harton @ 2005-12-30 21:24
lol when i get spare IP i will raise mat crea only because cohort is awesome
other than that not worth it :P
Tarradax @ 2006-04-05 19:56
What's wrong with you people? I look at this nano, and I see +40 STR that stacks with BOTH Prod Str and Behe - With symbs/moch/wrangle it won't even cost that much IP. And when you're trying to get that Strong Armor on as early as possible, you gonna love this nano.
rico648 @ 2006-04-08 20:05
ya Tarradax seems like the only person with brains in here-this is a major twinking item-helps get u into armor way earlier than allowed-go figure
Xsonic @ 2006-04-09 02:44
Crappy AC.. ill go ask an engineer for some.
Aurielle @ 2006-06-06 16:05
Awesome for equipping stuff, useless for anything else.
antsquasher @ 2006-07-15 19:06
aurielle, most ma stuff (thats decent, ie t3 pants) need agility more than str.. making this nano abosulty crap... im not gonna get it... waste of time and money
Xaerro @ 2006-09-17 15:41
Its not a waste of time and money man, its good for twinking...+ 40 strenght never killed somebody, and it stacks with other strenght buffs so......
unreal23 @ 2006-10-11 18:28
Why use this to twink when you can get Prodigous Strength from an Enforcer? you can save hundreds of thousand in IP an still have the same twinking ability.
Venderim @ 2006-10-17 06:15
FFS the people who have even half a brain are trying to tell you n00bs this - You don't use this nano for everyday use (see an engi if you want an AC buff) you use it for the UBER +40 STRENGTH buff, which STACKS with behe (+27), Prod strength (+40) and strength boost (+12) a grand total of +119 you can buff your strength by, THAT is what is so good about this nano NOT the 574 ac's. The fact that runspeed and agility are debuffed doesn't mean jack as its not important when you are only putting armour on, and when you have your high ql armour twinked on you simply open up your NCU menu and cancel this nano....really its not rocket science.
picsl2 @ 2006-10-24 08:26
it might not be rocket science, but try explaining this to a Rocket scientist that doesnt play AO, and im pretty sure he wont know wtf your talking about...anywho....evade line kinda like the Fixers (minus the run buffs) would be better than the AC buffs MA's get...FC FC FC when are u going to learn....
jokeUsa @ 2007-04-15 02:15
I wonder.. Does the name has anything to do with Ninja Scroll?
oodella @ 2007-04-18 15:37
btw armor isn't the only thing usefull to twink into...ever hear of implants/symbiants o.O
Xyphos @ 2007-06-12 07:38
Useless in combat, but I like it for twinking as I don't have to track down an enfo...
mosnami @ 2007-12-20 17:22
Twinking, it's good.
flashptbot @ 2008-06-08 09:16
for twinking it's better than good. 119 total stacking from the buffs, and with LE here now, there's another proc that occasionally fires off during combat that gives ANOTHER +40 strength that stacks with everything. 159 strength just from buffs. (beat up on the bartender until your proc fires off, then slip that symbiant in)
Vellizol @ 2009-01-27 17:27
When I upgraded my glove's to strong this buff came in handy I know for a fact that It stacks with Ps And Behe..Not Sure About others Its a nice boost and in my view definitely worth the Ip Placed in Matter creation
SpACatta @ 2009-07-19 20:37
jokeUsa, not everything has to do with anime. Get a life. Anime sucks.
Flatvia @ 2010-02-09 16:31
"Turns the body of the caster rock-hard"
ALSO a very useful buff for all you Males out there :D
While my MA is an Opi Female, I just get rock solid bullet-nipples
Mefsy @ 2010-05-26 08:53
Quite nice actually, usable by agent too. ^^ And as someone else already said, just for twinking but still worth it..
ynard @ 2011-11-28 12:23
Too bad that some good stuff like Cloak of the Reanimated Ranger (5/5) require Agi as well :P
ynard @ 2011-11-28 12:24
I'm obviously talking about Agent in FP casting this...
Vladja @ 2019-04-18 10:58
This nano now requires 770 BM and 770 SI to cast (no MC anymore).
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