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Item Database - Furious Assault

Furious Assault Icon #39812 An explosive attack that inflicts 397-928 points of damage and has a chance of stunning the target for a few seconds.
Flags Item Texture Override, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 11.0 12.5 13.8 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 83
Crystal Nano Crystal (Furious Assault)
NCU 26
Nanocost 204
School Combat
Duration 2.34 seconds
Attack time 6.8s
Recharge time 2.74s
Range 25 m
Effect icon Icon 46265
Stacking order 26
Defense skills
Nano resist 108 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 100 %
To Use User Matter creation >= 394 and
User Visual profession == Nano-Technician
On Use Target Hit Health Projectile -397 .. -928  
Target Cast Furious Assault 40% chance  
Target Taunt 2520  
xDARKHAWKx @ 2009-07-11 23:01
^^ Does noone else see this >.>
looks nice for tl2 BS
AOmaster @ 2009-09-03 20:05
No. Way too long cast time for BS, won't even come close to capping cast time on this at tl2. (Also the stun is only for 2 seconds, so the stun will wear off before you're even out of nano recharge).

Like most of the long cast time nanos, this only really has a use as the opening nuke on a mob thats unaware of you.
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