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Item Database - Viral Nano Tap

Viral Nano Tap A hostile wave of viralbots taps into your system and drains your nano pool.
Flags Tell Collision, Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano, Want Collision, Mirror In Left Hand
Patch 18.0 18.0.1
QL 220
Crystal Nano Cube (Viral Nano Tap)
NCU 29
Nanocost 0
School Combat: Trader nano point leech
Duration 10 seconds
Attack time 0.01s
Recharge time 0.01s
Effect icon Icon 84070
Stacking order 1
Defense skills
Nano resist 80 %
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 52 %
Time and space 48 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 1301
On Use Target Hit Current nano -300 .. -500  5 hits, 0.1s delay
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