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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Shutdown Skills)

Nano Crystal (Shutdown Skills) Icon #12226 Nano Crystal - Lowers all attacking and nano skills of the target by up to 2200 points, transferring them back to the caster as offensive ability. The target will experience a decreased chance of a critical hit.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 18.0
Change QL:
Value 1000
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 120 and
User Time and space >= 120 and
User Profession == Trader
On Use User Upload Shutdown Skills  
Darketernal @ 2009-03-04 19:31
not really as OP'd as it looks
Threeze @ 2009-03-11 00:31
yes it is... it looks like 2 minute recharge and only lasts 3 seconds, but if you use a crit-reliant AS weapon, it's a +100% crit chance buff for you, which can deal some decent damage in those 3 seconds by landing a nasty AS.

it could be more OP'd yeah, but considering you can use it at super low levels its not something you can really complain about either.
Xyphos @ 2009-03-11 19:55
almost useless imo.
duration is too short to even bother using.
Bluetavius @ 2009-03-17 19:01
useless in pvp? yes, since the crit chance is halved so its only +50%, and it would make someones weapon OE 0% for 2 hits at the most since its 1/1s maxed
not so much in pvm since you fire this then fire your alpha doing a crit with each spec - I can do 8-12k damage in three seconds with my silverback 4, probably more once I get it to mk 6
Darketernal @ 2009-03-25 14:42
It's not useless in pvp bluetavis, yeah its 50% crit chance in pvp... but u should have more crit buffing stuff anyway so good for alpha, and good for starting off a fight since usually ppl dump all dd on a trader at the start of a fight since if u dont kill the trader after ~ 15 sec, you're screwed anyway. I agree its not needed tho since traders are a pain already :P
Comi @ 2009-04-10 03:36
You can use it at super low levels, but 1000 nanocost makes it useless.
Towertrasher @ 2009-04-12 21:32
at lvl 15 you can get the nanopool to use it, but it would only be worth it if it was 100% crit in pvp.. the best use is what Darketernal said, first nano in a duel, makes ppl's alphas useless, and gives you the chance to get off a nice AS at the same time,
L_dunk586 @ 2009-05-18 09:29
traders that I've seen use this cast it right away, get away from the alpha attempt and then drain. who cares if they are out of nano, most traders I know enjoy sucking their opponents nano while they flail around (drained)
L_dunk586 @ 2009-05-18 09:35
^so now that small amount of time we once had to kill traders before we get drained, is now much smaller. fantastic............
Vampirefix @ 2009-06-16 00:31
Level 15 usable for sure, it would be a last resort use, considering all your nano would drain out.
Mastaoflimbo @ 2009-07-16 11:00
I used this on a agent just befor he Aimed shot he was not happy
AOmaster @ 2009-08-01 21:25
Mastaoflimbo @ 2009-07-16 11:00
I used this on a agent just befor he Aimed shot he was not happy

Thanks for letting us know, please keep us updated.
Dollcet @ 2009-08-28 09:25
Pretty short duration but still cool , my trader uses a FSS with a Home Defender , often produces 2 crits while running this , awesome short boost to the dmg :-)
Gonna get me some weird weapons and test which Specials are Affectted by the 100% critical Increase
Vxrniss @ 2009-08-29 05:04
All specials except Burst crit.

And Aimed shot in most cases because landing a special on a mob makes them aware of your presence. You will need to fire SDS on 1 mob hide and AS the other if you wish to use it at all.
yokamona @ 2009-12-18 07:07
>.> lesser industrial sabatage + this = win..
Rimortech @ 2010-01-26 19:45
Where can i find it?
Deadlykis @ 2010-01-28 20:21
Rim try tower shop " Ofab Nanos and Devices "
kilafiremage @ 2010-03-13 00:08
uber in pvp for a level 15 trader in a crit setup, gonna use it on mine... kill opponents alpha and see those crits fly
Esproc @ 2010-03-30 07:06
You can meet the nanopool requirement at level 5 self buffed if you aggressively put nanocost and nano/nanopool in the setup.

Not even an expensive build at that aside from if you use a pump master or something.
And all froob gear at that.
zerogates @ 2010-05-18 04:09
I can almost reach the nanocost for this on my level 1 selfed. Maybe if I used %cost NCU's I could reach enough.
Vigos @ 2010-12-30 05:08
One weapon comes to mind... Krutt Assault 219 Waltzing Queen Special.

Cast this then get of a shot then fling shot right after!!! And if you have high enough init you can get off another crit before the 3 sec are up :D
Briandmg @ 2016-01-24 18:22
Sooo what is the current state of this nano? I know it has been converted to some GTH nano, but is it still possible to buy the modified (new) version of Shutdown Skills from the OFAB store still?
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