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Item Database - Touch of Poison

Touch of Poison Icon #117896 Increases poison production in caster's pet, increasing Poison-based damage attacks by 30 points, while increasing its offensive ability by 120.
Flags Buff Nano
Patch 17.10 18.8.53
NCU 10
Nanocost 454
School Space: 863
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 1s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 84078
Stacking order 30
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
Sensory improvement 50 %
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 2147 and
User Matter creation >= 2147 and
User Profession == Meta-Physicist and
User Cyberdeck & 6 and
Target Breed == Human and
Target NPC type == 97
On Use Target Modify Poison damage modifier 30  
Target Modify Offense modifier 120  
Target Change Damage type Poison AC  
Jamhand @ 2008-09-23 19:09
So MPs soon gets 2 hours pet(s) too?
Vabla2 @ 2008-09-24 00:02
Weren't they 4 hours already?
ak_choosen @ 2008-09-24 11:04
mezzpet and healpet only
morty's lifetime still sucks
SceneGG @ 2008-09-24 15:29
All endgame MP pets last 2hrs
ladypz @ 2008-09-24 15:59
All endpets,except our attack pet, that lasts for 32 min (the rihwen) feel free to test it out by do /pet report after you popped it. it has been a constant rant at forums for ages. [quote] Shadowgod, MP professional: Pet Related
High Level [Attack] Pet Durations
Our pet durations stop scaling up after Caco-Demon (at 32 minutes). Their durations should be increased in length, to represent their higher level. 2 hours is the general suggested duration the highest pets should have.[/quote]
SkryknoW @ 2008-09-26 17:58
Anyway, about the nano. it seems "ok" but not enough to make me go out and get it right away...
Klodovik @ 2008-09-26 23:02
Good for coon ripping. That's all. Move along people. :|
Pung @ 2008-09-27 01:25
A new line for mps?? wts pocket GM
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