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Item Database - Improved Precognition

Improved Precognition Icon #16234 Increases the all the evasion skills of the soldier by 110 points.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 17.10 18.8.53
NCU 21
Nanocost 250
School Psionic: Speed buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 15 m
Effect icon Icon 16413
Stacking order 1120
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 50 %
Sensory improvement 50 %
To Use User Sensory improvement >= 1343 and
User Psychological modifications >= 1343 and
User Profession == Soldier and
User Cyberdeck & 6
On Use User Modify Duck explosives 110  
User Modify Dodge ranged 110  
User Modify Evade close 110  
Subwave @ 2008-09-23 14:37
lol.. use RI soldiers ;P
Vabla2 @ 2008-09-23 23:50
So... Uhm... Why are soldiers getting evade buffs that are almost as good as fixer ones again?
anisherl @ 2008-09-24 02:20
What a nice joke. They shoud have gaved soldiers this buff pre LE when evades were actually working.
Shadowsols @ 2008-09-24 15:56
Atleast its better than Improved RE Mastery, rofl.
Comi @ 2008-12-15 09:33
You might lol but just with maxed evades and not in a defensive setup, my sol can evade a buncha of attacks. This isnt that bad, its just a pity it lasts only 40 mins.
Threeze @ 2009-05-19 00:45
It's okay, now that we'll be getting 500 full auto buff I'm not so angry anymore.

[funcom is smart <3]
Vabla2 @ 2009-07-28 19:02
FC failed it's coding again. No 500 FA buff anymore. And I actually changed my last name to Soljalight already :(
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