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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Program Override)

Nano Crystal (Program Override) Icon #42450 Nano Crystal - Attempts to remove three PSI and three Space nano programs with an NCU cost of less than 15 from the targets NCU, while uploading a small debuff to abilities and nano skills.
Flags Visible, Tell Collision, Has Energy, No Drop
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 17.5
Change QL:
Value 1788540
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Time and space >= 870 and
User Sensory improvement >= 870 and
User Profession == Fixer and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use User Upload Program Override  
Submateria @ 2007-08-30 20:48
wtf? "NCU cost of less than 15" and.. Target Remove Space nanos <= 35 NCU..

*looks on bottle with vodka*

going to stop drink more...
Terrilocks @ 2007-08-31 23:26
Saw that too. Hope it is the <=35 as otherwise there are almost no useful nanos you can remove from target. With the 35, you can remove AT amongst other things - still not the most useful but fun. The c0mP0s1t3 nanos seem to make this more a fun thing anway :P
Rapt0r @ 2007-09-02 16:35
Its useless anyway... 175% NR check
Dumbarajko @ 2007-09-04 15:59
Its useless against people that have billion nano resist skill. Against normal people it works.
buttmuffin @ 2007-09-22 14:57
u haev ben h4x0r3d, f00!!
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-10-15 12:10
Base NR maxed @ 220 + HHAB = 2,700 NR..
2,700 NR x 175% resist = almost 3,000

Unless you've got 3,000+ Time and Space and 3,000+ Sense Imp, hope on getting lucky, or kill random people without NR :p
zerogates @ 2007-10-17 05:24
look at the reqs you can use it at like 150, and although it probly won't land it still has a chance
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-10-20 06:41
...wait... that should have said 1,700 base.. but it still adds up to about 3,000 NR.
haomaster12 @ 2007-11-01 17:49
@ llikebunnies
im a bit confused by your math. shouldnt they have 2.2k NR if they have 1.7k base since HH@B is +500 NR. and even then you didnt multiply 175% right it would be (using 2.2k not 2.7k) 3850NR...but i could be wrong ;)
Subwave @ 2007-11-08 14:52
yes but 175% is less than 200% on NCU crash ^^ and i tried it possible to land :P
Threeze @ 2007-12-09 05:23
i enjoy this nano
minusa @ 2008-01-19 18:14
can remove MP' blockers with it. GL landing it tho :/
Stevieb @ 2008-04-21 00:02
wtb lower NR defense skill; fixers already have like no pvp nanos unlike other proffesions, otherwise a <1seconds recharge time so u dnt have to keep tapping the nano and consistently failing.

in my eyes fixers cant really annoy any other proffesions at tl7
Retracnad @ 2008-08-11 23:18
if you've not got high nano resist and your a class that has a few emergency use nano's that cost lots of nano skills you barely have this can be nasty, as composite nano boost gets removed, I know it'd screw over my HoT casting ><
Vabla2 @ 2008-10-04 20:41
Make the joke nanos (yes joke, they aren't debuffs in any normal sense) last 2 hours instead of 20 seconds and stay after death and I could see this being useful to annoy flagged afk people.
Oh wait. It removes baton! Gonna start hunting crats in BS! MWUAHAHAHAHA *shoots himself*
Shareida @ 2008-12-03 00:05
It actually removes Izgimmer's Wealth. Respect.
houserocker @ 2009-03-11 00:50
Made this list for myself but may as well share.

Useful things this can remove:
Composites (ranged, melee, nano), Playful cub (common graft), a large number of proc actions.

Adventurer: Leader Of The Pack (both base and aura), Mother Wolf (aura portion only), Eagle Eye, Free Movement, Knowledge of Inferno
Agent: Form of the Executioner, Greater Predator
Crat: Improved Cut Red Tape, Motivational Speech (aura portion only)
Doctor: Instinctive control (various versions including Nanite Instinctive Control)
Enf: Physical Dominance
Engineer: Rapid Weapon, Sympathetic Entropy Infusion (aura portion only)
Fixer: Firewalled Sync Compressor (and lower), Blessed By Shadow (aura portion only)
Keeper: Imminence line (aura portion only)
MA: Physical dominance, Supreme Kyudo, Aegis of Notum (and lower), Velocity, Dirty Fighter, Horde
MP: Sacrificial Shield, Anticipation of Retaliation
NT: Izgimmer's Wealth
Soldier: Gazump fight (both base and aura), Improved Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery, Improved Precognition

Important Perks: Dance of Fools, Limber, Defensive Stance, Commanding Presence, Mongo Rage, Overrule, Wit of the Atrox
houserocker @ 2009-03-11 00:51
errr MA buff it can remove is called "First Strike", not "Physical dominance"
Shadow.ik @ 2009-05-01 11:55
Pure love while killing advs, I land it with 25% chance on them.
pinnerT @ 2009-05-29 21:08
lol why is it in 1337?
Target Cast c0mP0s1t3 477r1bu73z b00s7
Target Cast c0mP0s1t3 n4n0 3xp3r71z3
pinnerT @ 2009-05-29 21:08
lol why is it in 1337?
Target Cast c0mP0s1t3 477r1bu73z b00s7
Target Cast c0mP0s1t3 n4n0 3xp3r71z3
Vabla2 @ 2009-07-13 01:34
<0z 4l1 h4k3|2S t1P3 L|ek T15
triggerzer0 @ 2010-02-11 20:51
because it is l33t
Aristacrat @ 2010-06-19 04:51
Error - This is not found in Inf Garden - at least not Clan
Scorcher24 @ 2010-06-21 18:29
It is a reward for the Xan Civilization Quest in Penumbra @ Aris
akademiker @ 2010-07-17 23:42
the composite attributes boost in this nano is a trap
Whitey @ 2010-10-24 02:18
seems bugged? lands ridiculously easily considering the very high NR check. I've countered 50% NR check nano's but this seems to land every time.
Therrito @ 2010-12-05 10:30
c0mP0s1t3 477r1bu73z b00s7?
Speak English or don't speak at all
AKrulz @ 2011-07-19 20:58
removes keeper insight also
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