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Item Database - Notum-Infused Platinum Ore

Notum-Infused Platinum Ore Icon #269349 Varying forms of metal run deep through the Shadowlands, veins often popping out due to the destruction caused by Hecklers and other brink-based creatures. One scientist for JAME proposed that Hecklers view such metals as being "flavorful" - Unfortunately, this proposition was met with much derision, and the scientist in question soon found himself without a job.
Despite the general expense of both items seperately, once a metallic ore has been fused with notum it is typically regarded as worthless - The combination of both elements make the metal difficult to work with, and as of thus they are rarely put to use in anything other than simple jewlery-crafting.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry
Patch 17.5
Change QL:
Value 1
Mass 0.2kg
Maelwenn @ 2007-09-20 20:12
use for what ?
Ransomnia @ 2008-01-01 17:46
Penumbra Jewelry Quest

IMO no much idea on that quest :)
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