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Item Database - Syndicate Brain Symbiant of the Balanced

Syndicate Brain Symbiant of the Balanced Icon #215189 Slowly bubbling, this Symbiant is an age old living creature created with Spirit-Tech. It once resided in one of the Ancient Inhabitants of the Shadowlands.
This line of symbiants was designed using the DNA of a senior member of the Syndicate. They believed that they could pass on their knowledge to their followers through the use of symbiant technology. This version was named after Antony 'Python' Lemar who was known to be one of the Syndicate's most reliable killers. Quiet and stealthy, he was a master at unarmed combat.
Note: This 'Symbiant' can be installed like an Implant. Use an Implant Enabler (found in shops) to install it.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 17.4 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Implant
Slot Head
Value 500
Mass 1.1kg
To Equip User Treatment >= 901 and
User Level >= 132 and
User Sense >= 376 and
User Agility >= 376 and
User Stamina >= 376 and
User Profession == Martial Artist
On Equip User Modify Agility 30  
User Modify Sense 30  
User Modify Martial arts 25  
User Modify Multi melee 25  
User Modify Sensory improvement 100  
User Modify Treatment 100  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 100  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 100  
User Modify Psychological modifications 100  
User Modify Matter creation 100  
User Modify Time and space 100  
User Modify Brawl 50  
User Modify Riposte 25  
User Modify Dimach 50  
User Modify Parry 25  
User Modify Computer literacy 100  
User Modify Nano resist 100  
User Modify Critical chance 1  
Xira @ 2007-06-13 16:09
What?!!?! O.o
Gurudee @ 2007-06-18 07:01
wow... ma's get ripped off again?
just cancel the class and be done with it FC.
houserocker @ 2007-06-21 10:20
It's actually not bad, for pvm, and very nice at the TL5 MAs it is aimed at since there is no Growing (ql200) support or infantry brain.
DragonShade @ 2007-06-22 06:08
And Agility isn't normally in the brain slot, so you get a nice buffing item for higher levels if you don't want to get the +25 MA, brawl, and +1% crit.....
drewgun @ 2007-06-28 10:54
i agree this brain is very nice and has +1 to crit very nice indeed, ya can never have enough crit bonus's hehe. gonna make getting that ql 300 ofab on alot easier
Mohamad @ 2007-06-28 12:06
No one has right to complain ;p
Gaiaterra @ 2007-07-18 17:10
Well, you have the right to complain on how difficult it is to finish the quest ^^
Xira @ 2007-09-12 15:18
So what is the quest?
Aurielle @ 2007-10-03 11:46
No NR :(
zerogates @ 2007-10-17 21:33
Most the syndicate brains are for twinking, and MA gets tons of NR now anyways, easy to perk NR1 and the %NR buffs should stack now.
Dollcet @ 2007-12-19 14:29
Would love to see Inits added to it
Jornado @ 2008-02-24 03:33

quest fot the syndicate symbs. man its a pain.
Alex_Fitz @ 2008-10-11 00:51
For PVPing, is this a good symb? I do wish you could get this on at level 130..
sampiks @ 2008-10-31 18:37
Alex_Fitz @ 2008-10-11 00:51

For PVPing, is this a good symb? I do wish you could get this on at level 130..

no chance man....
User Level >= 132

maren1 @ 2009-11-25 04:08
Hence the wishing.
Moniker @ 2010-06-06 08:41
Great for sector 10 twinks.
Darketernal @ 2010-09-06 22:22
Since I put it on, I get hit more with nukes and whatever in s10 but eh, it's still nice.
kilafiremage @ 2016-07-16 10:06
no NR........ blah.

100 nr > ~30 AR sadly

the brawl and crit is nice too but eh
not really worth it for pvp
kilafiremage @ 2016-07-16 10:06
(unless you are using the 30 agi/sense for twinking)
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