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Item Database - Take the Bullet

Take the Bullet Icon #117934 Sometimes you have to ask for the ultimate sacrifice. This formula detonates the bureaucrat's robotic assistant in order to provide the caster with a temporary blast shield. Your nano skills are rendered virtually useless while the shield is running.
Patch 17.3 18.8.53
QL 200
Crystal Nano Crystal (Bur: Take the Bullet)
NCU 30
Nanocost 2000
School Healing
Duration 30 seconds
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2s
Range 35 m
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 1801 and
User Sensory improvement >= 1801 and
User Profession == Bureaucrat and
User Level >= 215 and
Target Breed == Human and
Target NPC type == 95
On Use Target Hit Health Poison -40000 .. -40000  20 hits, 1s delay
Target Hit Health Poison -40000 .. -40000  
Self Cast Blast Shield  
Maelwenn @ 2007-12-09 22:41
6K vp
Azzy @ 2008-02-13 23:50
very helpfull if you run away with lowhp
Tarradax @ 2008-06-01 09:28
Pretty useless, actually. 30s NSD in exchange for a 4000 absorb and 500 AllDef? In PvP, you'll be dead anyway. In PvM, if you have the 2k nano to cast this, you can fire off a few calms/roots and get away easy.
Now if this could've been used to make the bot explode for a nice AoE, now THAT would be fun. Send it into the middle of a zerg and KABOOM!.
Ciekafsky @ 2008-11-07 12:02
No its not useless in pvm. When in trouble you can blast your bot and buy yourself some time when charms or carlo could grab mob aggro from you. You know pvm doesnt allways mean running from mobs, sometimes it means killing em ;)
Haruspex @ 2009-04-06 14:16
Useless? This has saved my ass on many occasions. This + evasion perks = invincible :D
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