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Item Database - Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU

Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU Icon #205500 The Yuttos' own version of the NCU (Nano Containment Unit). It can be inserted into a normal NCU belt. This version has been augmented with ancient Xan spirit technology.
Flags Visible
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 17.3 17.4 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Utility
Slot Deck 1, Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck 5, Deck 6
Value 16000000
Attack time 0.3s
Mass 0.1kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 901
On Equip User Modify Treatment 5  
User Modify NCU memory 100  
User Modify Critical decrease 1  
Jedrox @ 2007-07-10 15:24
Nukerized @ 2007-07-14 08:39
Balderredux @ 2007-07-19 11:20
Bought mine from Yuttos in Pen.
Vladja @ 2007-08-01 13:48
As of 17.4 Yuttos in Penumbra no longer sells this. It sells normal yuttos ncu, which can be upgraded with parts (sorry, don't know which) from Albtraum.
AlphaCenta @ 2007-09-02 17:38
Dormant Ancient Circuit is the part you have to farm from Albtraum, after you have one of those just give the Yut mem and the DAC to a highbie tradeskiller and have him fix it up!

The recipe is on AO-Universe.
Shiare @ 2007-09-17 15:10
can froobs wear these?
fly @ 2007-09-17 17:57
houserocker @ 2007-11-05 20:23
Excellent item, crit resist, treatment, and oodles of NCU have allowed these to turn most Pandemonium and other NCUs obsolete. QL200-300 Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU can be made with the normal Yutto NCUs bought in Penumbra. QL160-199 Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU can only be made with a QL160 base Yutto NCU, and these can only be gotten through the Adonis quest series (or bought from someone who did it). The result cannot be lower than the base, i.e. you cannot make a QL200 infused memory with a QL219 base. If you want a special QL, there is only a 5 skill-point window in which the parts can be combined (besides QL300 result obviously). For example if you want a QL250 infused memory, the tradeskiller needs 250*6=1500 ME. But once they reach 1506 ME, the result will be QL251. Hope this info is helpful.
Archawk @ 2007-11-18 09:52
And if you want exactly QL160 Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU, you will have to have 960-965 (6x160)ME not to rise the QL of the yuttos. And 960 is also the min requirement, you cannot make any lower yutto's than that.
jokeUsa @ 2007-11-19 08:01
Damn hell it is! Thx for info. As for the NCU itself, i dun rly think the pand mems have become obsolete (especially for ubertwinks) as they add to some nice abilities AND 25 more (100 more overall - 2 slots usually for compiler and range increaser/hardcore cpu upgrade) ncu in most endgame setups is something u cant miss.
jokeUsa @ 2007-11-19 08:02
Ack cancel that, thought this is 300ish not 160 one :/
Nixix @ 2008-03-22 00:49
For a 220 Yutto it told me "It is theoretically possible to combine "Active Ancient Circuit" with "Yuttos Modified NCU". But you need at least 1320 in MechanicalEngineering."
shagwire @ 2009-05-27 19:46
so the only way a froob can get this is buy it from a paid player am i rite.
Ofab @ 2009-08-12 03:18
You need 1800 ME, I think, to make a ql:220 Yutto into a QL:300 Spirit Infused
Moniker @ 2010-07-03 23:03
these at ql 160 are pr0n for s10 twinks
Fixyourwhat @ 2010-07-13 10:17
It should be 1800 ME to make any yuttos into a ql 300?
crogor @ 2011-02-16 10:54
LOL QL 160 are for neut s10 twinks...
Get ql 210 easy for s10 twink....
tazerboy @ 2011-11-14 05:35
got 3 for free almost got 6 more but some1 els took invy was full ;\
kukuruku @ 2012-04-07 20:51
Actually neuts can get more cl than sided at tl5 ,but few remember this phat nowadays ;p
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