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Item Database - Hostility Scourge

Hostility Scourge Icon #39168 Attempts to lessen the destructive abilities of the target player.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 17.2
QL 200
Crystal Nano Crystal (Hostility Scourge)
NCU 54
Nanocost 2233
School Psionic: Various damage modifier and initiative debuffs
Duration 30 seconds
Attack time 3s
Recharge time 2s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 39653
Stacking order 2000
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Matter metamorphosis 53 %
Psychological modifications 47 %
To Use User Matter metamorphosis >= 1770 and
User Psychological modifications >= 1540 and
User Profession == Meta-Physicist and
Target NPC type == 0
On Use Target Modify Nano attack damage modifier -50  
lpx @ 2007-03-20 23:55
NT pwnage in a bottle
Klodovik @ 2007-03-22 15:29
Now, if it has 45 sec duration like the heal debuff one...
BTW, it's more like shade pwnage. :) Comes in handy to "slice" down the "Mongo quadruple" (slice and dice) damage too.
Dancingrage @ 2007-04-27 09:50
Yep, perk damage of ALL types is shut down by this, and any procs that do damage, procs from nanos, etc. NTS however get the huge bone: 25% from the NT nemesis nano, 25% from the Tigress, and 50% more tacked on from this...without Nanobot shielding, you're screwed hard, and WITH nanobot shielding, only 200% (double) damage, not the omgwtfbbqpwn of 300%

...or you could just land ENSD and screw any casting prof over...but this is excellent for perk users of all types.
crazyc94 @ 2007-05-14 10:49
This saves my life on BS daily. Great for kiting keepers, since most of what I get hit from them are their perks. Cuts the perk dmg in half, +when I get lucky and my Tigress procs, that's -75% nanodamage = -75% perkdamage = confused kpr when SnD only takes me down 20% of my HP :)
Klodovik @ 2007-07-04 11:36
Hmmm, looks like this thing doesn't lower the usual perk nano damage after all. :(
Dancingrage @ 2007-07-17 06:46
Time to see if this got hit with the nerfstick along with the Beneficial Scourge....
Klodovik @ 2008-04-27 17:10
Well, with all the nano damage bonus % items we have today, it kinda got hit by a nerfstick. :(
Flatvia @ 2012-11-23 23:25
it's called an arms-race, deal with it
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