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Fill Inbox Icon #39125 This nano formula will reduce the nano skills of a Bureaucrat while draining their nano pool.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 17.0
QL 175
Crystal Nano Crystal (Doc: Fill Inbox)
NCU 175
Nanocost 1100
School Psionic
Duration 15 seconds
Attack time 3s (capped at 1.5s)
Recharge time 1.5s
Range 24 m
Effect icon Icon 39616
Defense skills
Nano resist 100 %
Attack skills
Matter metamorphosis 50 %
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
To Use User Expansion sets & Lost Eden and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 800 and
User Profession == Doctor and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 800 and
Target Profession == Bureaucrat
On Use Target Hit Current nano -750 .. -750  5 hits, 2.99s delay
Target Modify Sensory improvement -500  
Target Modify Matter metamorphosis -500  
Target Modify Biological metamorphosis -500  
Target Modify Psychological modifications -500  
Target Modify Matter creation -500  
Target Modify Time and space -500  
Pung @ 2006-12-14 04:56
you'we got mail mr. crat, and its spam!!
FairyFighter @ 2006-12-14 10:12
rofl :D @ Pung
Gart7 @ 2006-12-14 20:33
haha poor crats!
Whitey @ 2006-12-15 13:15
lmao, pung, thats the best comment ive seen on any of the new stuff ;)
b4nd1t @ 2007-01-18 15:46
well it aint that lethal to a crat, don't need that much nano and I regain enough not to be affected by the dot, even with IPR'd nanopool, and the -500 nanoskill isn't enough to make my pets go OE, only issue is that the crat properly wont be able to land root or stun for 20s
philip @ 2007-01-20 11:41
landed 3 out of 4 times on a 220 crat pvper in battlestation. Casted by my 220 doctor, and each time the crat ran away :)
Yakobo66 @ 2007-03-05 11:30
was in BS for w hile last night, gonna go buy this then go keel crats
Shadow.ik @ 2007-04-04 16:09
Like docs can't kill Crat even w/o this?
chriss96 @ 2007-04-05 01:56
Cost 3,750 VP
ionut @ 2007-04-26 14:43
Shadow.ik @ 2007-04-04 16:09
Like docs can't kill Crat even w/o this?
since the crat does stun stun AS stun stun AS stun stun AS stun stun AS hard
Javawarrior @ 2007-05-25 20:36
yea but even when the crat wins the Dot usually finishes us off
Yakobo66 @ 2007-06-06 23:59
dot... between the stuns/stun procs? >.>
buttmuffin @ 2007-07-08 18:47
5 hits, 2.99s delay
2.99.... k
Hafenbraut @ 2007-11-26 10:23
I got both Doc & Crat in 220, and I consider it more or less harmless.
Either you have enough nanoskill/-pool/-regain to ignore it, or you have other means of killing
a doc that aren�t nano-dependent.
Like Java said, the DoT is the nasty stuff.
Then again, better this than nothing.
Ruzan @ 2007-12-11 02:20
Well by 220, im assuming -500 nano skills wont make your pets OE, and draining nano?... most crats dont chain nuke anyway, who gives a shit. This nano sucks imo. The crat will still have his/her stuns/pets/and main weapon dmg.
Soulevil @ 2008-04-02 08:32
this annoyed the crap outa my crat in TL5 bs. Nerf docs.
josh3353 @ 2008-06-03 22:11
so, if your gonna use this nano, use it on TL5 crats ^^
Backstabber @ 2008-08-10 20:27
does a lil more dmg on 100 crats ^^
evangoth @ 2009-02-03 03:10
dont use :) they run, rather dot and ubt and farm sum pvp score
Haruspex @ 2009-07-05 17:26
This sucks. I have a 220 crat and when a doc casts this on me in BS i lul at them, doesn't stop me from casting anything and my nano delta is too epic.
notnotnotnod @ 2010-11-30 19:30
It's to keep them from landing, and become worn out after casting repeatedly. No, it won't make them instantly drained of all their nano and pets go OE.

It works great. Use it on a bureaucrat before they even land their tapes and malaise.
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