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Item Database - Penultimate Ofab Keeper Sleeves

Penultimate Ofab Keeper Sleeves Icon #266480 In the orbital fabrication plants of the battle stations, this armor was forged especially for keepers.
Flags Visible, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear
Patch current
250 (interpolated between QL 1 and QL 300)
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right arm, Left arm
To Equip User Profession == Keeper and
User Stamina >= 917 and
User Strength >= 750 and
User Expansion sets & Lost Eden
On Equip User Texture Arms 265594  
User Modify Max health 292  
User Modify Projectile AC 438  
User Modify Melee AC 438  
User Modify Energy AC 438  
User Modify Chemical AC 438  
User Modify Radiation AC 438  
User Modify Cold AC 438  
User Modify Poison AC 438  
User Modify Fire AC 438  
User Modify 2h Edged 33  
User Modify Melee init 29  
User Modify Dodge ranged 38  
Dollcet @ 2006-12-14 19:31
40 2he gotta love that , no more need for Combined Merc Sleeves
Hosablarr @ 2006-12-14 21:44
damn nerf le stuff :)
zerogates @ 2006-12-15 09:35
nerf nothing, at least you can buy AI armor, this stuff takes time to get most people don't have the patience for the 100 mishes it takes for a single piece of armor.
Whitey @ 2006-12-15 12:56
as opposed to the many hours of cred farming to get AI armour?
Yakobo66 @ 2007-02-28 14:08
yeah and farming the VP in missions/BS = aixp/titles =P
Nook1e @ 2007-06-24 10:03
Hell, be glad atleast there is some items that are as good as/better than ai armor. WTB something that beats ai armor for engies ><
budthud0 @ 2008-10-04 08:55
A pain to twink into, but better than ai armor ftw
Enys @ 2010-02-20 17:08
keeper ofab is suppreme
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