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Item Database - Ashen Viper Eye

Ashen Viper Eye Icon #144708 This is the eyeball of an Ashen Viper. Oddly enough, the iris still flickers with what appears to be some kind of strange molten flame. The eye is warm to the touch and gives you an eerily uneasy feeling looking at it, as if something is looking back at you.
The Yuttos use these eyes in various charms and bracelets. They believe that the eye can guide them to any creature that the viper would have hunted when alive, which is pretty much any living organism that didn't taste bad, making the eye a kind of organic compass that can point its owner in the direct of living organisms.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry
Patch 16.3
Change QL:
Value 50
Mass 0.2kg
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What drops this?
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