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Item Database - The Tale Of The Stubborn Yuttos

The Tale Of The Stubborn Yuttos Icon #262224 This Psychic data contains an ancient Yuttos tale. It appears to be a very old story from a time before the Xan brought technology to the world.
Young Yuttos do not have names (a fact backed up by recent JOBE research), but are given one when they come of age by performing a task set them by a tribal elder. This particular young Yuttos was tasked with bringing enough water from a local river to fill the elders drinking goblet using only a wicker basket. The problem was that the wicker basket was not particularly well made and the water poured through the gaps in the wicker and spilled on the road as he walked back to the Elder.
Ninety nine times the young Yuttos trudged back and forward - each time convinced he would be successful. Each time he went back disappointed, until the river had run near dry.
On the hundredth visit, with only a small pool of water left, he dipped the basket in the river. The bottom of the basket became daubed in the mud. The mud served to prevent the water from spilling out.
Upon returning for the hundredth time the elder smiled, ''You have done well young one. Now you shall be known as 'One who would not concede'.''
JOBE research indicates that this story is most likely a childhood myth designed to deliver a moral tale, since they doubt ninety nine visits would dry a river (unless it was a very small river).
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry
Patch 16.3
Change QL:
Value 50
Mass 0.2kg
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