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Item Database - Essence of Insight

Essence of Insight Icon #261595 The Xan realized that whilst the spirit and physical world could be brought together using the spirits, it was also true that due to the very different perspectives on reality that the spirits had, physical beings imbued with spirits had to try and 'become one' with any spirits they attempted to harness. They used this essence to allow the user to 'see through the eyes' of the spirit so they might better understand its purpose, strengths and weaknesses.
The Xan knew that the essences had the ability to permeate the body of any life form and used this for all it was worth as their technology became more advanced. Some of the Xan saw the essences as the gods' way of giving the life forms the warmth and heat of the emotional body. That the Xan were seemingly superior to the other beings was a way of explaining that the Xan were closer to the gods. They opposed the scientific experiments that other Xan initiated to improve the spirits used by their warriors.
Groups were formed on the basis of such beliefs, but they were not supported by the majority of the Xan.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry
Patch 16.3
Change QL:
Value 50
Mass 0.2kg
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