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Item Database - Spinetooth Talon

Spinetooth Talon Icon #259785 One of the common misconceptions regarding the spinetooth dragons is that they have a high pitched scream when attacking their victims. The sound that those unfortunate enough to be attacked by a spinetooth mistake for a scream is actually a noise they make by scratching their talons across a rocky surface. The Spinetooth will do so with all twenty four of its talons as it moves creating a very high pitched screech that can effect the balance and co-ordination of lesser species.
Ancient yuttos texts compare the sound to that of scratching chalk on a blackboard but the text isn't clear on exactly what that means.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry
Patch 16.2
Change QL:
Value 50
Mass 0.2kg
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