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Item Database - Calia's Form: Parrot

Calia's Form: Parrot Icon #84775 Transforms the caster into a Reet. Movement speed and evasion are increased, but maximum health is reduced. You are able to fly when in this form, but this nano formula is not able to be executed indoors. When in this form you are also unable to attack.
Flags Modified Name, Buff Nano, Has Rotation
Patch 11.0 12.5 12.8 13.4 15.0.1 15.5.5 15.8.2 15.8.3 17.7 17.7.1
QL 149
Crystal Shattered Nano Crystal
NCU 46
Nanocost 214
School Space: Adventurer combat morphs
Duration 1 hour
Attack time 5s
Recharge time 5s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 84093
Stacking order 915
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 36 %
Sensory improvement 32 %
Matter metamorphosis 32 %
Playshift User Playfield type not & 1
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 715 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 644 and
User Sensory improvement >= 644 and
User Visual profession == Adventurer and
User Form == 0 and
User Playfield type not & 1
On Use Self Modify Max health -250  
Self Modify Swimming 1300  
Self Modify Duck explosives 170  
Self Modify Dodge ranged 170  
Self Modify Evade close 170  
Self Modify Run speed 1300  
Self Change Shape 30365  
Self Restrict Action Fighting  
Self Enable Flight  
if Inside Shadowlands == 0  
RuneGlow @ 2004-06-12 14:00
Where can i get this ?
From missions or where ?
i checked shops but there is none or im blind ;)
Tokel @ 2004-06-30 00:58
Blitz it. Nanos above QL 125 generally can't be bought in stores.
mephistobane @ 2004-07-26 04:11
this is a REALLY rare nano...approaching the rareness of gridarmor 4
TMC513 @ 2004-08-06 07:52
No it's not. It's easily blitzable/rollable.
ikasama @ 2004-08-12 12:04
i saw some people offering 10-20mil for this nano.
fenek @ 2004-08-12 20:39
patched out of AO some month ago ;)
Can't be build, only Badly Corroded Crystals (Static SL Dungeons) exist
Xaam @ 2004-11-02 06:32
Fenek is right, disappeared unexpectantly from the game, and the parts used in building it were severely bugged. After months of waiting and asking, Funcom had Cz finally adress the situation, a fix is planned on the way. Unsure right now if its going to go back to rollable/blitzable or boss loot only.
Keex @ 2004-11-19 04:08
have one uploaded :P
pionium @ 2004-11-25 21:46
supposedly patched back in. I want one :p
hetts @ 2004-11-27 16:04
Back in game, blitzed one right after patch :))
doctorwhite @ 2005-03-04 07:24
bought mine for 500k =)
DarkBVackVan @ 2005-03-18 13:33
where can you get this nano? and the ones you cant buy in the shop, where do i find them? :)
Russm @ 2005-03-26 08:54
i looted mine in a lvl 140ish mission off of a corpse.
NStorm @ 2005-05-10 13:58
rolled mine from first click :P accidently set mission settings to RLRLLL and it rolled from last 'return item' type miss, as item to return.
NStorm @ 2005-05-10 13:59
forgot to mention: it was ql 159 miss
grindleet @ 2005-07-16 12:18
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Self modify Run speed 1300.
Scarletpooky @ 2005-07-24 14:00
Rolled mine as a nice accidental suprise when trying to roll leet (other) :D
Kahina @ 2005-09-27 16:00
nerf advies
dzzirt @ 2005-10-04 13:33
yep nerf bastards!
Sniv @ 2005-11-02 20:28
got parrot self & team, bought it for 450k all together ;)
i´m glad not having to use a slowmo-low-rs yalm cause with my unbuffed rs added, i´m way faster than anyone using a standard-rubika-yalm and all the people trying to beat me with those yalms just see me vanish out of sight :) I LOVE IT, IT`S AWESOME ADVY STUFF !!!
12lettername @ 2005-12-03 10:15
FU fixers.
Twistex @ 2006-01-02 18:47
I have the disc... found on PW Borgs :P (not for sale, IT IS MINE)
Kplayona @ 2006-01-04 02:17
i got the disc of Some borgs in Perpetual wastelands!!
Dyn @ 2006-01-20 02:03
i got this one 4 free
recklessjr @ 2006-01-20 20:45
i just got it cant use it tho cause my char is gimpzor without symbs....I could have used it by now if my bio metta haddn't been capped for the last 25 freakin lvls
Phanna @ 2006-04-15 00:11
Never noticed... this ain't the same school as Flurry of Feathers. Maybe they stack? ;)
VampVicky @ 2006-04-21 10:51
you can't stack them on yourself, but GSF will stack for an extra 720 runspeed + all the evades bonuses.
VampVicky @ 2006-04-21 10:53
just got it myself, it is nice to be doubling your runspeed, almost triple with GSF.
Jodadda @ 2006-04-24 03:16
doubling? my runspeed ats like 300 wen i use so im uber fast. Plus my friedn gives me GSF wenever i want (hes on ALLLL day)
lukew @ 2006-05-10 10:49
Rolled it last night from a Bori mission terminal. Going there this evening to actually get it :) If anyone has any further questions they want to ask me pst anytime in game
bartje @ 2006-05-13 11:06
:D can u fly with thisone too? * drool * u just fly to Adonis than ::D:DD
akaGremlin @ 2006-06-05 23:19
Registered for one reason to tell you this. I saw a Calia's Form: Parrot(Team)in the shopping channel for sale.
The Requirements
Bio: 747
Matt Meta: 676
Sense Improv: 676
Wish i was a millionarre...
lukew @ 2006-06-12 14:40
FYI, Calia's Parrot (Other) & Calia's Parrot (Team) only adds 600 to Run Speed. This self-only version however, does add 1300 RS. And by the way, this Parrot OWNS Shadowlands. ;)
Datagutt @ 2006-06-13 00:53
can you fly in sl with this one?!
lukew @ 2006-06-13 14:20
No you can't fly in SL with any of the Advn polymorphs, only RK. But in Adonis the +1300 Swimming is incredibly useful (+600 Swimming if casting Parrot: Other on someone else) as you glide effortlessly over the Abyss.....
Datagutt @ 2006-06-16 15:38
zacheia @ 2006-07-13 03:12
You can fly in SL with, both, Sparrow Flight and this one. I use them all the time. Almost as fast as using the portals to get around
Tzkaala @ 2006-07-27 19:18
Self Enable Flight
if Inside Shadowlands ==

Dont that mean no flight in SL?
Mazuru @ 2006-08-08 09:20
yep...wish you could use it in SL, fly over everything :P
kamuela @ 2006-10-22 12:15
you can use it in SL, but flight is disabled...
Jinzost @ 2007-01-26 00:35
how much is this worth nowadays?
Deedia @ 2007-04-10 23:11
hehe I tried this out at lvl 102, and uber.. much better than the yalm ^^ um.. I paid much but I wanted instant (got in 20 mins then :))
wintypes @ 2007-04-12 02:06
since it's blitzable... well, that says everything about market price range.
ruah @ 2007-12-27 02:41
very fp'able.. great for traveling in SL
luckystarr @ 2008-05-12 10:30
One of my most used nanos :) I don't even use my Yalm any more :) :) :) :)
The swimming part comes in handy in Ado :) :)
jarexxx @ 2008-05-30 18:35
Have on to sell on rk1
Tell Wistisel
jarexxx @ 2008-06-08 23:38
Sorry tell Jarexxii and i will sell it going for 285 mil but ill sell much cheaper rk 1
Shadow.ik @ 2008-07-28 13:46
Hehe yeah, this nano rock in Ado, i used it often on my agent while doing brain quest to swim over the huge lake in the middle.
gdahl @ 2008-08-27 19:58
I sold one for 2m.
cyoung @ 2008-11-06 21:27
my agents new best friend much better than MP's QW at least u have wings lol and love the rs boost
Ddifferent @ 2010-01-31 09:42
I wonder if i can kill a low level nanomage char
FirePaw @ 2010-08-21 14:08
Ddifferent @ 2010-01-31 09:42
I wonder if i can kill a low level nanomage char

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