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Item Database - Throw Snowball

Throw Snowball Icon #294525 No rocks please.
Patch 16.1.3 17.2 18.4.8 18.4.13
NCU 999
Nanocost 0
School Combat
Attack time 1s (capped at 1s)
Recharge time 1s
Range 50 m
Effect icon Icon 46265
To Use User NPC type == 0
On Use Target Hit Health 1 .. 1  
genius71 @ 2006-04-20 21:54
this do dmg?
janetis @ 2006-05-05 15:59
Nope, just aggro the target and flgs you if I remember. Else it's just fun, pity for the time to cast.
gumby145 @ 2008-03-30 23:14
If used to pull mob, it also restricts their ability to fight for 5 sec or so. Look at the Effect Icon and compare it to other nanos, such as this one
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