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Item Database - Empowered Gravity Pull

Empowered Gravity Pull Icon #46274 Renders the target unable to move for a short period of time. It does not affect the combat capabilities of the target. This program seems to have an affinity with the Shadowlands.
Flags Can Be Template Item, Has Multiple Count, Open Flag, Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 16.0 18.8.53
QL 129
Crystal Super Charged Nano Crystal (Gravity Pull)
NCU 129
Nanocost 428
School Combat: Root
Duration 2 minutes, 54 seconds
Attack time 1.26s (capped at 1s)
Recharge time 4.04s (capped at 1s)
Range 25 m
Chance of break on attack 30
Chance of break on debuff 3
Chance of break on nano 32
Effect icon Icon 46259
Stacking order 46
Defense skills
Level 100 %
Nano resist 90 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 50 %
Time and space 50 %
To Use User Matter creation >= 900 and
User Time and space >= 900 and
User Profession == Nano-Technician and
User Specialization & Second and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use Target Restrict Action Movement  
Target Taunt 382  
fixertime @ 2009-02-12 05:07
Good for PVP. Is 100 NCU and enfs cannot rage out of it (enfs can rage out of 99 and below).
Binarybot @ 2009-03-27 23:02
Even the lowest SL root is still over 100 NCU, just takes more to cast and higher chance to resist.
gimpmasta @ 2009-06-09 04:21
How was enf raging out of it several times then ^^
Saetos @ 2009-10-08 01:18
Probably didn't Rage out of it, it probably broke.
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