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Item Database - Attuned Controller Recompiler Unit

Attuned Controller Recompiler Unit A repository for nanobots which will recompile the code for a City Controller Unit which has been partially corrupted. This process will restore twenty-five percent of the total durability of the City Controller Unit. This unit can not be traded as it is attuned to your person.
Flags Visible, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry
Patch 15.9 18.8.53
Change QL:
Mass 0.1kg
Vatharian @ 2005-05-15 00:10
What the hell is this?
Quest reward from that red ugly woman near newlan'd whompas.
I know how to get it, but what is this for?
Konkhra @ 2005-06-09 09:06
its for making an alien invasion to your city
wormx @ 2005-06-20 18:39
Might be good to know that you only can do the ACRU mish once every 20 hour
Somebotty @ 2005-11-10 16:43
Omni-Tek employees should visit Omni Entertainment to find City Administrator Rex Chapman
Clan members should head over to Tir and meet Ignatius Kaiser
Neutrals can meet up with Sprysi D'Lere in Newland City to start the missions
rayne_heart @ 2006-01-08 14:43
I know normal cru's can be traded for renting a cite for alian raids but how is this any use to non cite owning people, if it can't be traded?
Keex @ 2006-02-10 15:31
it is not used for renting a city, it is for restoring your city controller's energy
Vxrniss @ 2007-02-07 16:19
This owns :D constantly doing free AI raids in our city, got atleast 10 toons with one at hand at all times, even my froobs :P. Helps looking for raids too (LFT AI raid, got ACRU/25%) used to score me a seat in a AI team pre-LE alot too :).
Nowadays nobody does AI raids... i still like em better because of loot, more XP, no weird mobs or bosses etc.
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