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Item Database - Visible Light Remodulation Device

Visible Light Remodulation Device Icon #235270 A unit which acts to change the refractive qualities of surfaces. It can be used to upgrade Concrete Cushions of quality level 10 or greater, Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses, or to improve a Viral Targeting Subunit of quality level 250 or greater for use in a Salabim Shotgun.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count
Can Carry
Patch 15.8 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 300
Mass 0.8kg
splinter16 @ 2005-10-25 15:18
Where does this drop?
Glargh @ 2005-10-27 05:10
Alien boss loot afaik
Pyros_15000 @ 2006-07-09 04:39
It says it upgrades pen glasses... Upgrades them to what?
dJinN @ 2006-08-21 12:36
What does it upgrade the Viral Targeting Subunit to?
Wakizaka @ 2006-08-23 10:47
The V.T.S. upgrade turns it into a Tradeskill item for use with a Salabim Shotgun to turn it into the Scoped Salibim Shotgun
Satertek @ 2006-09-15 19:17
Combine with ql10 Concrete Cushions to get Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows. Drops from Sector 35 boss.
wintypes @ 2006-12-19 20:11
hm.. can one just buy those devices? If yes, what are the prices?

The upgraded pillows go for quite some money, maybe it's cheaper to just buy these devices?

Or does the tradeskilling require some higher skills?
wintypes @ 2006-12-19 20:12
nevermind. Overlooked the modrop tag
wintypes @ 2006-12-19 20:12
*nodrop (hate the missing edit button)
Sweetchutney @ 2007-03-04 13:56
Upgrades pen glasses to (does same thing as glasses, but is a ring so you can use a helmet outside)
naok @ 2009-02-27 15:16
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