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Item Database - Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol - Type 5

Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol - Type 5 Icon #255468 This weapon is a marvel of Kyr'Ozch bio-engineering. Apparently a variant of the Kyr'Ozch Pistol, this weapon seems slightly slower than the pistol, but can be modified to be semi-automatic, and fire in burst mode. This weapon has been enhanced with a piece of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material.
Flags Visible, Modified Description
Can Carry, Wear, Burst, Fling Shot
Patch 15.6.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand, Left hand
Value 100000
Equip time 1s
Attack time 1.2s
Recharge time 1.2s
Range 25 m
Clip 50 - Energy ammo
Damage 225-325 (225) - Energy AC
Attack rating cap 2400
Burst cycle 4000
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 0.1kg
Multi ranged 1500
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Smg 100 %
To Equip User Expansion sets & Alien Invasion and
User Smg >= 2001 and
User Burst >= 1501 and
User Fling shot >= 1001
On Hit User Cast Glory 2% chance  
User Cast Glory 2% chance  
User Cast Glory 2% chance  
User Cast Glory 2% chance  
Sypiken @ 2004-09-01 17:31
:-) Kewl
Ludovicell @ 2005-11-01 04:58
Ludovicell @ 2005-11-01 04:58
this rocks!
Hugeframe @ 2006-01-07 05:24
Smg >= 2001 and
Burst >= 1501 and
Fling shot >= 1001
Multi ranged 1500

I say good luck >.<
donger @ 2006-01-09 03:22
i say, piss easy for a 220 fixer
Azzy @ 2006-01-21 07:57
self on 216 lvl soli fixer
Msauss @ 2006-03-21 14:11
I say, Why do you want fling?
leite @ 2006-03-22 22:36
I say, because its a extra shot? And great extra if fling is critical..
leite @ 2006-03-22 22:40
Just imagine this, fling cap is 8 seconds for example, imagine your fling make 1300 of damage, imagine you have a +10 critical chance scope so we will supose you will make 10% of you shots critical. After one minute shooting a mob you will make an extra 12.000-15.000 damage because of Fling. Still wanna say "Why do you want fling" ;) ?
Woody @ 2006-04-17 23:27
Exactly , an extra special is a good special
Venderim @ 2006-04-21 22:26
Its quite amazing how anyone would ask why? to an extra special, even if it only did an extra 100 damage, its still 100 more than nothing.
RobB @ 2006-05-14 15:42
I wonder why there is a Version with Burstcycle from 4k, and one with Burstcycle from 5k.
Moniker @ 2006-06-05 17:22
dosnt matter, your gonna be cappin the recharge at this level regardless of whether its 4k or 5k.
bartje @ 2006-06-07 09:36
i got od with thisone at FRN camp.... fling shot killed my loot =(( guess what was in... FRN OMGZZZ damn frkn fixers
3shit @ 2006-06-11 21:03
dont whine bartje ^^
Gurudee @ 2006-07-31 05:42
Fixers schmixers. :)
Soldiers, pair one of these bad boys up with your JPGPP.
Perk SMG and watch your damage go through the ROOF!!!
leite @ 2006-11-05 23:30
No doubt on that, best PVM soldier weapons are Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol - Type 5 + JPGPP ^^ 1st of all they have same dmg type, so bye bye to radiation + energy, plus as Gurudee said, SMG perks are just INSANE! :)
Arcsteal @ 2006-11-06 01:26
i love this weapon with a 300er ai scope :)
equipped on 211 opifex fixer.
Venderim @ 2006-11-22 21:48
Yeah, its the SMG perks that really shine and make this better than an energy pistol for a soldier. Reinforced slugs is possibly one of the best perk actions aside from cocoon and acrobat, +270 damage for 2mins :O .....Awesome
leite @ 2006-12-03 20:20
Remeber to use x2 Typed 5 :) Increases the chance to cast Glory :D
houserocker @ 2006-12-14 19:25
Better to use untyped in offhand, more ammo capacity :)
leite @ 2006-12-19 14:10
With Lost Eden now I can self my both KMP's @ 215 :)
leite @ 2006-12-19 14:11
lol houserocker you prefer more ammo in a gun that dont do specials? ... btw no need to use type 4 in off hand , use type 4! cheaper ;p
Sferykal @ 2006-12-22 14:54
No, he was saying it's better to use a non-typed KMP in the offhand for having more ammo capacity there (to save some time on reload).
Xira @ 2007-04-27 15:20
you only use specials on your right hand gun, so putting a second typed KMP in your left wouldnt make you do more damage or shoot more. If you put an untyped KMP in your left hand and a typed KMP in your right, you still have the specials and do the same damage, and can shoot for longer without having to reload.
Xira @ 2007-04-27 19:18
*edit* right hand weapon specials are only *dominant* it doesnt matter which hand the typed/untyped gun goes into. If you dual wield two guns with the same specials, the right hand gun will be the one used during burst/fa/fling/as. forget about me saying "only use specials on your right hand gun" I wrote that wrong :(
P.S. WTB- Dual-wield, Dual-specials. If we have two automatic guns, shouldnt we shoot two sets of specials? :)
Zinrax @ 2008-03-05 04:34
Well like leite said using 2x Typed should give you 4% chance of getting Glory proc running instead of 2% wich you get using untyped in offhand.
Xyzzy @ 2008-06-15 15:43
Using 2 Type 5 doesn't give you 4%, Zinrax flunk statistics -- WTB Zinrax in poker card game. You get 2% chance on each shot. Using two pistols instead of one gives extra attacks, 130% ==> which means 2 Type 5 have about a 2.6% chance of Glory. Give up too much for minor return.
Zinrax @ 2008-07-17 17:54
Id own you in poker geek -.-
Zinrax @ 2008-07-17 18:00
On another note what do you mean by giving up to much for minor return? I mean since requirements are the same for a typed as untyped.
Zinrax @ 2008-07-18 06:18
btw do we know for a fact that it work per gun and shot, or does it work like the % critchance in which you can have many items to make it more likely to crit/proc.
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