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Item Database - Efficient Controller Recompiler Unit

Efficient Controller Recompiler Unit A repository for nanobots which will recompile the code for a City Controller Unit which has been partially corrupted. This process will fully restore the durability of the City Controller Unit.
Flags Visible, Has Energy
Can Carry, Stackable
Patch 15.6.1 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 1
Mass 0.1kg
jonnyola @ 2004-09-02 00:06
Have anyone found this`?
Teq @ 2004-09-02 07:17
think you have to make it...not sure yet though
jonnyola @ 2004-09-02 17:07
I droops from mission bosses
Gnap @ 2004-09-04 05:28
LLLRRL is the best settings to get one off the boss
jedii @ 2005-02-12 05:55
how rare a drop and how high a mission is it?
helikon @ 2005-02-15 16:13
exist there a value-list for this?
Neova @ 2005-03-13 13:51
this drops from mission bosses at lvl 250+ right?
Username @ 2005-03-22 02:41
lets see what 15.9 brings us
madmurphy @ 2005-07-29 21:18
From what I've heard: never sell one for less than 100k per QL. That means 10m for QL 100 and 3.5m for QL 35 and so on.
shinracorp @ 2006-01-23 12:30
gotta love it when 3 fall on 1 boss. happens sometimes for meh
Woden @ 2006-02-20 09:42
Got a QL 13 one from a level 88 bad order money mission
copperneedle @ 2010-09-16 05:01
Something changed in-game. Doubt it was a good buy but just picked up x20 ql50 cru for 6mil. sure beats the 100k/ql
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