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Item Database - Codex of the Insulting Emerto

Codex of the Insulting Emerto Icon #131266 The Library of Foul Language helped the cyborg taunting enemies onto itself by uttering insulting phrases in whatever language the attacker speaks. 'Language' in this context might include:
- Making gestures and faces
- Hitting where it hurts
- Producing odours that annoy the assailant.
This item has now been upgraded with additional language matrices.
Flags Visible
Can Carry, Use
Patch 15.6.1 16.4.4 18.5
Change QL:
Value 80000
Attack time 0.01s
Range 12 m
Mass 0.15kg
To Use User Expansion sets & Alien Invasion and
User Profession == Enforcer and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 650 and
User Psychology >= 200
On Activate Self AddSkill Psychology 3  
On Use User Lock Psychology 6s  
Float Text Emerto!  
Target Taunt 1100  
Pheros @ 2005-07-13 18:50
dJinN @ 2006-03-25 08:30
Can it be stacked or is it unlimited uses?
keiga @ 2006-04-17 21:20
you can use it as often as you like to
bartje @ 2006-05-18 19:54
1100 taunt isnt that good,, seeing mongo crush has 7500? or 11k =o
bartje @ 2006-05-18 19:55
just 10k
Auct @ 2006-05-23 01:20
This is supposed to be used as well as mongo not instead of, a good taunting tool.
dJinN @ 2006-05-25 07:01
well for 1 thing it only locks for 6 seconds so you can spam it alot and the Psychology requirement is hidden ingame =(
Tekvorian @ 2006-06-05 16:44
This one can be used by all professions. Not only enforcer.
Raveneffect @ 2006-06-08 23:32
"User Profession == Enforcer" < orly? :P
lpx @ 2006-07-06 13:18
i did'nt think so either but i tested this my self on my mp.. and yes Tek is correct it's bugged everyone can use it.. not just enf's
Tekvorian @ 2006-08-09 03:53
In addition, you can taunt through mission walls with this. And only the targeted mob will come. No other mob.
Bazik @ 2007-01-09 09:31
Nowadays it�s Enfo only...
Soulevil @ 2008-01-17 11:15
secret... this thing can be used through doors. So if you come up to a room that has a lot of mobs in it, target one, close the door, press q, and then use this. only the mob you targeted will come out. if you use it with the door open though, everything in the room will agg u.
liquidky @ 2010-06-28 13:08
bronz @ 2011-12-04 00:41 taunts for 1800, but takes more Psychology and has no Bio Met req. Considering what happens to your Bio Met when you cast Challenger line, I'd say go with the Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented), also considering that killing and looting an alien general is probably harder than killing and looting Jealousy...
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